Streamline advertising on Shopify with Sixads. Automated campaign setup across Facebook, Instagram, and Google with expert PPC support.

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Google, Facebook & Insta Ads

Google, Facebook & Insta Ads

Automated Facebook, Instagram and Google Ads + Expert Support


Sixads is an effective advertising solution for users of Shopify stores, which provides automated campaign setup and management across Facebook, Instagram, and Google. It offers in-house PPC expert support to enhance the Shopify store’s potential and offers users the opportunity to easily launch campaigns faster, as well as increase and retarget traffic for more effective marketing.


  • Automated Campaign Setup: Sixads provides a reliable, automated campaign setup across Facebook, Instagram, and Google. This simplifies the process of setting up and managing campaigns and helps to save time.
  • Increase Traffic: Sixad’s effective and well-designed campaigns help businesses to increase their traffic.
  • Retarget Traffic: The app helps users to retarget their existing as well as new customers.
  • PPC Expert Support:- Sixads also provides in-house PPC expert support to ensure campaigns are running optimally.
  • Retargeting Solution: Through its retargeting solution, users can target customers that have visited their site previously.
  • Advertising Reports: Sixads also comes with detailed reports that track user performance across different ad campaigns.
  • Customized Targeting: The app offers its users the ability to customize targeting for more effective conversions.
  • Live Ads: Sixads also provides users with live ads, which allows them to adjust ads quickly and effectively.
  • Automated Ad Management: The app also takes advantage of automation and machine learning to provide users with an effective and efficient ad management platform.
  • Comprehensive Insights: Sixads also provides users with comprehensive insights and metrics to help them make informed decisions when it comes to ad campaigns.


Sixads is offered in three different packages with different levels of features. The essential package is $29.99 a month, while the pro and premium packages are respectively priced at $44.99 and $89.99 per month.