Automate your Shopify business tasks effortlessly with Shopify Flow. Focus on growth, not manual processes.

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Shopify Flow

Shopify Flow

Automate everything and get back to business


Shopify Flow is the perfect tool for Shopify users looking to automate many of their business tasks. The app lets you create almost any type of custom workflow without needing to code, so you can focus on growing your business rather than filling out tedious forms or wasting time manually executing tasks. With Shopify Flow, you can leverage trigger, conditions, and action building blocks, or simply install pre-built workflow templates for popular use cases in just three clicks. In addition, Flow also allows you to delay tasks for when they're needed most, ensuring that all your workflows are executed at the right moment.


  • Automate Task Execution: Leverage trigger, condition, and action building blocks to create automated workflows that will save you time and energy.
  • No Coding Required: Do more with your business without having to understand coding language.
  • Pre-Built Workflow Templates: Get up and running quickly with pre-built templates for popular use cases in just 3 clicks.
  • Time Delay: Delay tasks for when they're most needed, so if any changes or updates occur, you don't have to worry about updating workflows.
  • Cloud-Based Solution: Utilize the cloud to ensure all your workflows are properly stored and always accessible.
  • Multi-Device Accessibility: Access your workflows anywhere with the Shopify Flow app, so you can manage them even while on the go.
  • Safe and Secure: All data is securely stored and encrypted in Shopify's cloud so you never have to worry about data breaches.


Shopify Flow is only available to customers on the Shopify, Advanced, or Shopify Plus plan and is free to install with no additional monthly or transaction fees. In some cases, an additional charge may apply for any additional customization, setup, and training. This additional fee would be determined on a case-by-case basis and will be communicated verbally with the customer prior to any additional services.