Create powerful landing, product, and theme pages effortlessly with Shogun Landing Page Builder for Shopify stores.

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Shogun Landing Page Builder

Shogun Landing Page Builder

Easy-to-use professional page builder for all page types


Shogun Landing Page Builder is a powerful and user-friendly app for Shopify stores that allows easy creations of blogs, product pages, landing pages, and theme sections. This one-stop-shop approach to effective page building makes it a valuable addition to any store, and the additional features can help with a store’s overall marketing efforts. Its ease of use and efficient design also make it one of the go-to options for all page types, and its advanced plans offer content syncing and user management at great prices.


  • All Page Types: The app supports all page types including blogs, product pages, collections, homepage and landing pages. This makes it a great tool for creating all the pages necessary for your store.
  • Editable Theme Sections: The app enables users to make changes directly to their theme, and allows them to design unique themes and save any changes made as a snippet for reuse in future designs.
  • Element Library: The app includes an extensive library including timers, accordions, add to cart buttons, videos, and more. This enables users to easily design pages with an array of helpful elements.
  • Drag-and-Drop Layout Control: The app features a drag-and-drop layout control that enables users to design with precision for all page types. This powerful tool helps users create the pages they desire quickly and efficiently.
  • Content Syncing: The advanced plan of the app includes content syncing across stores, which is incredibly valuable for multi-store businesses.
  • User Management: The advanced plan also includes user management options to enable easier collaboration across stores.
  • Timers: The app includes powerful timers that allow users to create timers for limited-time offers on their pages.
  • SEO Controls: The app includes SEO controls that help users optimize their pages for maximum visibility and effectiveness.
  • Product Tabs: The app also includes product tabs that make it easy to organize and display content in an aesthetically pleasing way.
  • Klaviyo Native Integration: The app natively integrates with Klaviyo, which is useful for marketing efforts and customer segmenting.


Shogun Landing Page Builder is a great option for any Shopify store, and is available at multiple price points. The free plan offers access to basic page building features, while the BUILD plan ($39/month) offers more features such as content creation and editing. The MEASURE plan ($149/month) adds more advanced features such as access to theme sections and SEO controls. Finally, the ADVANCED plan ($499/month) includes content syncing and user management, making it a great option for multi-store businesses.