Protect your Shopify store from fraud and chargebacks with automatic prevention, social profile scans, and custom risk tolerance.

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SEON Fraud Prevention

SEON Fraud Prevention

Fraud & chargeback protection to flag risks & boost approvals


SEON Fraud Prevention is a comprehensive fraud and chargeback prevention solution designed to help Shopify store owners protect their business against phony orders and criminal activity. SEON helps shop owners maximize revenue while avoiding potentially costly chargebacks associated with fraudulent orders. The app offers a variety of features, including automatic fraud and chargeback prevention, easy-to-understand Plug & Play integration, up to 50+ social and digital profile scans to verify customers, customizable risk tolerance, and rules to fit a store’s unique needs, and machine learning-assisted fraud patterns flagging.


  • Automated Fraud and Chargeback Prevention: SEON Fraud Prevention is designed to automatically identify and cancel (void/refund) orders from fraudulent customers. This feature helps to ensure that only genuine customers are able to complete their purchases.
  • Plug & Play: SEON Fraud Prevention is easy to set up and configure, and can be used with minimal additional effort. Customers will also experience an easy and frictionless checkout process when using the app.
  • Social & Digital Profile Scans: SEON Fraud Prevention uses a variety of scans, including email, phone number, IP address, credit card, device fingerprint, digital footprint, and behavior analysis, to verify customers and to identify any potential fraudulent activity.
  • Customizable Risk Tolerance, Rules, and Black/White Lists: SEON Fraud Prevention offers a high degree of flexibility, allowing store owners to customize their risk tolerance, rules, and black or whitelists to fit their unique needs.
  • Machine Learning-Assisted Fraud Patterns: SEON Fraud Prevention leverages advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities to recognize and flag unnoticeable fraud patterns.
  • Comprehensive Reports: SEON Fraud Prevention provides comprehensive reports to help store owners analyze data and identify potential problems.
  • Fraud Alerts via Email & API: SEON Fraud Prevention allows store owners to receive fraud alerts via email or API, making it easy to stay on top of any potential fraudulent activity.
  • Automatically Refunds: The app allows store owners to automatically issue refunds for orders that were identified as fraudulent.
  • Integration with Payment Processors: SEON Fraud Prevention can be integrated with multiple payment processors, such as Stripe and Braintree.
  • All-In-One Billing: SEON Fraud Prevention offers a single billing solution, allowing store owners to manage all of their payments in one convenient platform.


SEON Fraud Prevention is available in a variety of plans and comes with a 14-day free trial. The app is free to install, and there is a free plan available. Additional plans include the Starter plan at $99/month, the Pro plan at $299/month, and Enterprise plan at $999/month.