Comprehensive SEO optimization with on-page scan, image compression, keyword recommendations, and AMP services.

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SEOAnt ‑ SEO & Image Optimizer

SEOAnt ‑ SEO & Image Optimizer

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SEOAnt is a comprehensive SEO optimization tool that helps shopify websites increase their search engine ranking and visibility. It comes loaded with features such as a detailed on-page SEO scan report, automatic detection and redirection of 404 links, lossless compression of images, and keyword recommendations to help boost website traffic. SEOAnt also offers AMP services, which allow for improved performance, as well as sitemaps and structured data for more effective content display. With SEOAnt, shopify store owners have the power to increase their website ranking and bring more traffic to their stores.


  • Detailed On-Page SEO Scan Report: SEOAnt provides a comprehensive SEO scan report that guides the direction of website optimization. The report includes information on page titles, headings, meta descriptions, content length, and more. This helps website owners identify problems quickly so they can make necessary changes to improve their ranking.
  • Automatically Detect And Redirect 404 Links: SEOAnt helps you identify broken or dead links and automatically redirects them to the right page. This helps keep website visitors from being confused or frustrated and improves the overall user experience.
  • Lossless Compression Of Images: SEOAnt can losslessly compress your images so they load faster and improve page speed. This optimization helps boost website rankings so more people can find your store.
  • Adding Alt Text: Adding alt text to images helps them appear better in search results and makes them easier for search engine crawlers to understand. SEOAnt automates this task for you so you don’t have to manually add the text for each image.
  • Sitemaps and Structured Data: SEOAnt helps you create sitemaps and add structured data to your web pages. This makes it easier for search engines to understand your content and display it more effectively.
  • Keyword Recommendations: SEOAnt uses keyword research to give you keyword recommendations that can help boost website rankings. This helps you target the right keywords and keep your store visible.
  • Backlink Exchange: SEOAnt can help you build backlinks to your website. This helps your store appear more authoritative and get more clicks.
  • AMP Services: SEOAnt offers services that help improve the performance of your website when using Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP). This helps improve page loading speed and boost website rankings.
  • Bulk Editing Alt Text: SEOAnt allows you to edit alt text in bulk. This makes it easier to add the necessary information to all relevant images.
  • Google Console Integration: SEOAnt helps you integrate with Google Console for even more insight and analysis. This helps you track website performance, review keyword rankings, and more.


SEOAnt offers a free version that allows store owners to access the majority of its features. The Pro plan costs $29.99 per month. The Premium plan is $59.99 per month.