Boost loyalty and sales with Sendvio, an all-in-one email marketing and SMS solution for Shopify. Create automations, engage with popups, and segment customers effectively. Choose from flexible pricing plans.

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Sendvio: Email Marketing & SMS

Sendvio: Email Marketing & SMS

Email marketing & SMS prebuilt workflows, newsletters, popups


Sendvio is an all-in-one email marketing and SMS solution that was designed to help Shopify store owners drive customer loyalty and increase sales. With Sendvio, store owners can easily create custom automations, utilize high-converting popup forms, and design email campaigns that are both engaging and mobile-friendly. The app also offers advanced segmentation tools that are perfect for developing powerful post-purchase offers, welcome series, abandoned cart recovery, and more.Sendvio’s pricing plans range from free, to starter, growth and business plans, making it a great option for businesses of all sizes. The free plan allows store owners to sync their customer data with Shopify segments or import lists in a few clicks. The premium plans make it easy for store owners to get the most out of their email marketing and SMS campaigns—paying only for what they need and saving from 2 to 6 times when compared to other providers.


  • Segmentation Tools: Sendvio offers advanced segmentation tools to break customer data into groups so that store owners can create targeted offers based on customer behavior. This helps store owners build customer loyalty and drive conversions.
  • Automation Workflows: Sendvio makes it easy to create automated workflows that send emails and text messages based on each customer’s interaction. Store owners can choose from over 20+ pre-built workflows.
  • Popup Form Templates: To help store owners optimize their websites, Sendvio offers high-converting popup form templates. Store owners can customize the forms to suit their branding, and use them to convert website visitors into subscribers.
  • Mobile-Responsive Template Galleries: Sendvio offers both email and SMS template galleries that are designed for mobile-friendliness. This ensures that store owners can create engaging campaigns that are optimized for mobile devices.
  • Scheduling: Store owners can schedule and automate messages and campaigns to be sent at any time or day of the week. This helps store owners keep customers engaged and boost conversions.
  • List Import and Sync: With just a few clicks, store owners can easily import and sync their customer data with Shopify segments. This ensures that store owners can communicate effectively with customers.
  • Exit Intent and After-Signup Automations: Store owners can create exit intent and after-signup automation to reach out to visitors and ensure they stick around to shop.
  • Post-Purchase Offers: Store owners can use segmentation tools to create post-purchase offers and encourage repeat sales.
  • Welcome Series: Store owners can create a customized welcome series that allows them to introduce their brand and offer a great customer experience.
  • Abandoned Cart Recovery: Store owners can use Sendvio’s automation tools to create an abandoned cart recovery campaign and encourage customers to complete their purchases.


Sendvio offers four pricing plans: free, starter, growth, and business. The free plan is free to install and allows customers to sync their customer data with Shopify segments or import lists in a few clicks. The starter plan is currently priced at $11 per month and helps store owners get the most out of their email marketing and SMS campaigns. The growth plan is priced at $38 per month and comes with advanced segmentation tools and automation workflows. The business plan is $98 per month and includes access to exit intent and after signup automations, post-purchase offers, welcome series, and abandoned cart recovery. Store owners can save from 2 to 6 times compared to other providers when signing up for the premium plans.