Enhance customer relationships with SendinBlue's all-in-one marketing platform. Integrate Shopify stores, launch email, SMS, and WhatsApp campaigns, and access real-time analytics for small businesses.

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Boost customer engagement and sales with email, SMS and more


Sendinblue is an all-in-one marketing platform that enables businesses to build better customer relationships through targeted and meaningful communication. With its extensive array of features, it covers the entire marketing funnel in one powerful tool, making it a great option for entrepreneurs and small businesses to boost their marketing efforts.The SendinBlue App for Shopify allows businesses to easily integrate their Shopify stores with their SendinBlue account and take advantage of a comprehensive range of marketing capabilities. It provides an effective solution for companies who want to increase their online visibility and customer outreach. SendinBlue's features include Broadcast Campaigns via Email Marketing, SMS and WhatsApp Campaigns, Conversation Tools, eCommerce analytics, a complete overview of store performance in real time, and an easy-to-use CRM designed for small businesses.


  • Broadcast Campaigns via Email Marketing: SendinBlue's email marketing capabilities make it easy to create, design, and send personalized messages to your customers. This feature also allows you to track customer engagement and measure the success of campaigns.
  • SMS and WhatsApp Campaigns: With SendinBlue, you can easily implement SMS and WhatsApp campaigns to send messages to customers right on their phone. This allows you to stay in touch with customers at any time.
  • Marketing Automation: SendinBlue's powerful marketing automation feature enables businesses to set up automated campaigns that are triggered based on customer actions. This helps to personalize marketing efforts, increase engagement, and boost sales.
  • Conversations: The SendinBlue app includes powerful conversation tools such as Live Chat, WhatsApp, Instagram Direct, and Facebook Messenger, allowing businesses to interact more efficiently with customers in real-time.
  • eCommerce Analytics: The app's eCommerce analytics feature enables businesses to monitor their store performance and make data-driven decisions on their store operations.
  • Complete Overview of Store Performance: With the complete overview of store performance feature, businesses can track their store's performance in real time, allowing them to make more informed decisions on their marketing and sales strategies.
  • Easy-to-use CRM: SendinBlue's easy-to-use CRM enables businesses to manage contacts, sales channels, customer profiles, product catalogs, and more from one unified platform.
  • Automated Welcome Emails: The automated welcome emails feature helps to ensure your customers will have a great first experience with your product or service.
  • Drag-and-drop Builder: The drag-and-drop builder makes it easy to create beautiful email campaigns with zero coding experience.
  • Live Support: SendinBlue's 24/7 customer support team is always ready to answer questions and help with any issues.


SendinBlue is free to install, with several pricing tiers available, ranging from their Free plan up to their Premium plan. The Free plan includes features such as unlimited contacts, email campaigns, marketing automation, and chats.