Boost customer loyalty on Shopify with Loyalty and Rewards Referral. Create a powerful loyalty program with personalized rewards and referral incentives.

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Loyalty and Rewards Referrals

Loyalty and Rewards Referrals

Customer loyalty & referrals: loyalty program points & rewards


The Loyalty and Rewards Referral app for Shopify is an easy-to-use, cost-effective and powerful loyalty program that helps you to nurture customer loyalty, increase repeat purchases and grow your store. The app comes with cutting-edge capabilities and features, including the provision of personalized rewards, customizable reward launcher and panel, referral program, points redemption and VIP program to build a loyal customer community. The Loyalty and Rewards Referral app also makes it easy to import data from other apps such as Smile, Rivo, Growave, Yotpo, and LoyaltyLion.


  • Customizable Rewards Launcher and Panel: The Loyalty and Rewards Referral app for Shopify enables you to customize the rewards launcher and panel according to your brand, making it easy to provide your customers with personalized rewards for their loyalty.
  • Referral Program: The app comes with a referral program feature that works to help you build a loyal customer community for your store.
  • Integration: The app also seamlessly integrates with popular apps such as Smile, Rivo, Growave, Yotpo and LoyaltyLion, making it easy to import loyalty data.
  • International Support: You can easily set up over 250 widget-displayed languages to reach customers from across the world.


The Loyalty and Rewards Referral app for Shopify is available for free. The app also enables you to import rewards from other apps at no extra cost, making it the ideal choice for any shop owner looking to increase customer engagement and loyalty.