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Quick view & Quick shop

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Quick View & Quick Shop is a great Shopify app that can help merchants reduce the time it takes customers to add products to their carts. It can provide a seamless shopping experience on your Shopify store with its quick view and quick shop features. By allowing customers to view product details on your collection page or homepage without a page refresh, you can remove many obstacles and help increase efficiency for customers.


  • Quick View: This feature allows customers to view product details on your collection page or homepage without a page refresh. This can help reduce the amount of clicks customers have to make when looking for product details and making their purchase decision.
  • Customizable Design: You can customize the design to match the look and feel of your shop. You can choose the color and size of the modal window and customize how the product details are displayed.
  • Multi-Lingual Support: Quick View & Quick Shop supports multiple languages and integrates with Shopify's Translation Manager, allowing you to easily localize your product pages.
  • Mobile Optimized: The Quick View & Quick Shop app is optimized for mobile devices so customers can take advantage of the quick view and quick shop features on the go.
  • Product Variants: You can easily select and display specific product variants such as size, color, etc. Your customers can then quickly choose the product that's right for them.
  • View Cart Button: You can add a “View Cart” button to the product details modal window and allow customers to easily review their cart before making their purchase.
  • Advanced Analytics: Quick View & Quick Shop provides advanced analytics so you can track customer behavior and optimize your site to increase sales and conversions.


The Quick View & Quick Shop app is available for free. There are no setup or subscription fees, so you can start taking advantage of the app’s features right away with no commitment.