Enhance shopping experience with Audio Background Music Player for Shopify. Keep customers entertained and engaged with customizable background music in your store.

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Audio Background Music Player

Audio Background Music Player

Add music to your store's background in JUST 1 minute!


Making sure that your store stands out from the rest and grabs the attention of visitors is essential for success in online retail. Audio Background Music Player is a Shopify app that enables store owners to easily add background music to their stores, to make sure that customers are engaged and entertained as they browse. Whether you have your own unique sound or the latest pop hits, this app ensures that your visitors have the best possible experience.


  • Upload Music: The app allows store owners to easily upload a media file that will be played in the background of their store. This ensures that customers always have something entertaining playing while they browse your store.
  • Control Volume: Easily adjust the volume of the background music, allowing you to quickly and easily set the mood for your store.
  • Automatically Resume Playback: The app will automatically remember the last held portion of a song and resume playback from that point when visitors return to your store after leaving. This ensures that customers always experience the same music and atmosphere.
  • Show Music on Mobile Browsers: Show background music on the homepage or on all public pages, and even on mobile browsers.
  • Schedule Music Playback: Easily create a schedule that tells the app when to play music and when to not play music. This allows you to keep the same atmosphere in your store even when it's closed.
  • Multiple Audio Formats Supported: The app supports multiple audio formats, including .MP3 and .WAV, making sure that you can use the file you have on hand.
  • Change Playback Speed: Easily adjust the playback speed of the background music, allowing you to control the atmosphere of your store.
  • Add Control Buttons: Add control buttons onto your page so your customers can adjust the volume and even skip songs that they don't like.
  • Preview Music Before Playing: Preview music before adding it to your store to make sure it meets your standards.
  • Set Interval for Song Selection: Set the interval between song selection so you don't have to worry about manually managing the music played in your store.


The Audio Background Music Player app is free to install, so store owners can enjoy all of the great features of this app without having to pay a dime. In conclusion, the Audio Background Music Player app is a great way for store owners to easily add background music to their stores to grab attention from visitors. With a variety of features such as upload music, control volume, preview music before playing, and set interval for song selection – this app has something for every store owner. Plus, it's free to install, so store owners won't be losing any money from installing this app.