Automate eCommerce email marketing with Remarkety. Integrated with Shopify for data-driven campaigns.

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Remarkety ‑ Email, SMS, Social

Remarkety ‑ Email, SMS, Social

eCommerce Marketing Automation - Simplified!


Remarkety is an easy-to-use platform for eCommerce Email Marketing Automation. It is purpose-built for eCommerce and aims to improve customer segmentation, and predictive algorithms and to create and deliver highly captivating and data-driven campaigns that lead to successful sales. The app is integrated with Shopify, making it quick and easy to set up. With Remarkety, users can securely synchronize multiple data sources from their Shopify store, enabling them to gain accurate customer data and automate their email, SMS, and social campaigns with ease.


  • Re-engage customers: Offer tailored messaging options for customers who have abandoned carts or viewed items,
  • Automated email actions: Trigger automated emails based on customer actions and behavior.
  • Systemized coupon campaigns: Automatically increase customer ordering frequency,
  • Automated product recommendation: Display tailored product bundling, upselling, and cross-selling recommendations,
  • Create personalized emails based on customer data: Create personalized emails using your customer’s data,
  • Automatically segment customers: Group customers based on order history, location, and preferences,
  • Analysis and analytics: Track customer engagement and understand customer conversion,
  • Automated SMS campaigns: Send messages about promotions, discount codes, and other offers
  • Automatic Order notification: Notify customers about their orders, preventing returns and cancellations,
  • Automated Social media campaigns: Generate automated campaigns driven by customer data and to promote discounts and offers.


Pricing Overview of Remarkety– Email, SMS, SocialRemarkety offers four different pricing tiers to meet the needs of Shopify merchants: BASIC ($25/month), STARTER ($100/month), ADVANCED ($300/month), and PROFESSIONAL ($800/month). Each tier offers a different range of features, depending on the user’s needs and marketing objectives. Users are offered a 14-day free trial, to use the app and experience the features before purchasing the subscription, although additional charges may apply depending on the user’s usage.