Maximize shopper value with Recharge Subscriptions. Shop and manage subscriptions effortlessly.

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Recharge is A subscription management solution for ecommerce merchants to launch and scale subscription offerings.


Recharge Subscriptions is the leading subscription management solution for Shopify. It helps brands maximize the value of their shoppers by enabling them to shop from your store and manage their subscriptions directly from the customer portal. The Recharge Subscriptions app offers a customizable, scalable, and integrated subscription experience with powerful features and tools.


  • Customer Portal: Recharge Subscriptions enables store owners to customize the interface of their store's customer portal. Customers can use the portal to manage their subscriptions, access their order history, and more.
  • RechargeSMS: Recharge Subscriptions's RechargeSMS feature allows customers to manage their subscriptions via SMS. This makes it easy for customers to keep track of their orders and adjust their settings.
  • Robust and Flexible API: The app's robust and flexible API allows store owners to fully customize their subscription experience. Store owners can control how their subscription packages work, how customers can manage their subscriptions, and how their store interacts with other integrations.
  • Build a box: The app's Build a Box feature lets store owners leverage Recharge Bundles for cross-sells and upsells. It's an easy way to get customers to try out new products and increase their loyalty to the store.
  • Unified Checkout: Recharge Subscriptions also offers its customers a Unified Checkout experience, where customers only go through a single checkout process, no matter the contents of the cart.
  • Discounts and Credits: Recharge Subscriptions enables store owners to offer their customers discounts and credits. This feature lets store owners reward customers for their loyalty or reward them for referring their friends.
  • Automatic Billing and Shipment Scheduling: The app provides automatic billing and shipment scheduling tools that make it easy for store owners to keep track of their customers’ subscriptions. 8. Dashboard Reporting Tools:
  • Recharge Subscriptions's dashboard provides comprehensive reporting tools that provide store owners with insights into their customers’ subscription activity.
  • Customizable Payment Options: Store owners can customize their store’s payment options to suit their customers’ needs. This includes offering Paypal, Apple Pay, and other payment integrations.
  • Fraud Protection: Recharge Subscriptions offers fraud protection for store owners. This includes automatic fraud checks and real-time fraud checks for each transaction.


Recharge Subscriptions is free to install and offers a free plan. Additional fees may apply depending on the plan. The PRO plan is $499/month and offers more features and customization capabilities.