Announce promotions and boost sales with a customizable announcement bar featuring a countdown timer on Shopify. Easily create visible banners with offers and more. Responsive and easy to set up without coding.

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Powerful Announcement Bar

Powerful Announcement Bar

Announcement bar with countdown timer fully customizable


Powerful Announcement Bar is an app for Shopify that makes it easy to announce promotions and boost sales with a customizable announcement bar with countdown timer. With a few clicks, merchants can create highly visible banners on their websites that let customers know about special deals and offers. It is easy to set up with background images, offers, and much more. It is also fully responsive across desktop, phones and tablets. Using Powerful Announcement Bar is the simple and effective way to improve customer relationships by keeping them informed about special deals and offers. It requires no custom coding and can be installed and activated in minutes. The app also features start and end time options, schedule timer, catchy offers, and much more.


  • Boost Sales: With Powerful Announcement Bar, merchants can improve customer relationships and boost sales by informing them of special deals and offers.
  • Fully Customizable: The app is fully customizable with background images and offers.
  • Easy to Setup: The app is easy to set up with a few clicks and requires no custom coding.
  • Responsive Layout: The app is fully responsive across desktops, phones and tablets.
  • Start and End Time Options: merchants can set start and end time options for their announcements.
  • Schedule Timer: Merchants can also schedule a timer from a specific start date to the completion time.
  • Catchy Offers: The app comes with catchy offers that can be used to attract customers.
  • No Coding Required: No custom coding is required when setting up the app.


Powerful Announcement Bar is available in two plans. The Free plan is available for those who do not need all the features. The Pro plan is available for $4.99/month. All plans come with full access to all the features of the app with the Pro Plan consisting of all the advanced features.