Boost revenue and loyalty with subscription options for any product. Simplify billing, manage subscriptions, and enhance communication with advanced email notifications.

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Subscriptions Recurring Orders

Subscriptions Recurring Orders

Easy, Simple, Subscriptions & Recurring Payments.


Subscriptions Recurring Orders app for Shopify provides merchants a powerful subscription management system to help them to grow their revenue and increase customer loyalty. With Propel Subscriptions, merchants can offer subscription options for any of their products and set billing intervals with easy set up. Additionally, this app also helps to reduce support tickets by allowing customers to manage their own subscriptions, offer deeper discounts for long-term customers, and simplifying billing with subscription billing on the same date. Plus, merchants can also make use of advanced email notifications to improve communication with customers. It is free to use and available on Shopify.


  • Automated Billing: With Subscriptions Recurring Orders, merchants can easily set up billing interval and the app will take care to automatically bill their customers.
  • Self-Managed Subscriptions: Customers can manage their own subscriptions with this app, reducing support tickets.
  • Loyalty Discounts: Merchants can reward customers’ loyalty by giving deeper discounts for long-term customers.
  • Automatically Bill on the Same Date: This app allows merchants to simplify their operations by billing all subscriptions on the same date.
  • Advanced Email Notifications: Merchants can improve communications with customers through advanced email notifications.
  • Flexible Plans: Merchants can offer customizable plans for their subscriptions.
  • Powerful Analytics: Provides insights into orders, subscribers, and more.


Subscriptions Recurring Orders app for Shopify is free to use. There is no additional cost associated with this app.


  • Automated billing system makes managing subscriptions easy and hassle-free.
  • Easy setup and mobile-friendly design.


  • Does not offer the ability to pause or cancel subscriptions.
  • Can be expensive for some merchants.