Create and customize popups and banners easily. Target customers with offers, announcements, and more. No coding required.

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Pixelpop Popups & Banners

Pixelpop Popups & Banners

Easy-to-use popup app!


Pixelpop is an innovative and versatile app designed to help ecommerce businesses create and customize beautiful popups and banners quickly and easily. Pixelpop is a user-friendly popup app for Shopify stores that allows merchants to quickly create attractive popups and banners targeting their customers with offers, announcements, forms, and more. It offers seven popup types and four popup shapes with advanced design features, plus exit-intent and other delays to ensure maximum success. With the help of Pixelpop, Shopify store owners can easily customize their popups with six design styles and edit fonts, colors, and images without any coding required.


  • Seven Popup Types: Pixelpop allows users to create seven different types of popups including email signup, announcements, forms, and coupon codes. This allows Shopify stores to choose the popup type that is right for them and their business goals.
  • Four Popup Shapes: Pixelpop offers four different popup shapes – promo bar, corner card, modal, and full screen takeover. The store owners can choose the popup shape that best suits their needs and design style.
  • Customizable Design Options: Pixelpop provides six different design styles for each popup, and users can easily customize the design of their popups by choosing fonts, colors, and images.
  • Advanced Targeting & Frequency Controls: Pixelpop offers advanced targeting and frequency control options, allowing users to fine-tune their popups to target the right audience and increase their success.
  • Easy Installation: Pixelpop is easy to install and users can have their first popup up and running in just minutes.
  • Exit-Intent & Other Delays: Pixelpop offers advanced exit-intent and other delays that help maximize the success of your popups.
  • Coding Not Required: No coding skills are required for using Pixelpop. All the users have to do is select their settings and customize their popups as desired.
  • Optimized for Mobile Devices: Pixelpop is also optimized for mobile devices, ensuring that your popups will look great on all devices.
  • A/B Testing: Pixelpop enables users to test out different popup shapes and settings to find out which one works best for their store.
  • Performance & Conversion Tracking: Pixelpop offers detailed performance tracking and conversion tracking so you can measure the success of your popups.


Pixelpop offers a free plan and a 14-day free trial on all other plans. The different pricing plans include Basic (free), Micro ($6/month), Starter ($12/month), and Growth ($24/month). Each plan offers more features and controls as well as increased subscriber lists and popup frequency. With Pixelpop, Shopify users have increased control and power to customize their popups and banners to fit their business needs and increase their conversions.