Transform your Shopify store into a mobile app with Plobal apps. Match your store's look and feel, automate integrations, and enjoy unlimited push notifications, data analytics, and 24/7 support.

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Plobal Apps Mobile App Builder

Plobal Apps Mobile App Builder

Turn your store into a mobile app & keep customers coming back


Plobal apps is a Shopify Plus certified mobile app provider, helping thousands of ecommerce stores to transform their business into an app to increase sales and improve retention rates. With its built-in custom no-code mobile app, store owners will have the ability to match the look and feel of their store with the app. Additionally, store owners don’t have to worry about integrations as Plobal’s advanced integrations will easily connect existing Shopify integrations and plugins. Plobal also offers unlimited push notifications, data analytics and 24/7 support to make building and managing the app easier.


  • Custom, no-code mobile app: With the Plobal Apps, store owners have the ability to easily match the look and feel of their Shopify store with an app.
  • Advanced integration: Plobal’s advanced integration allows store owners to quickly and easily connect existing Shopify integrations and plugins.
  • Unlimited Push Notifications: Push notifications are a great way to convert abandoned carts and offer discounts to customers, and Plobal’s unlimited push notifications make it easy to do.
  • In-app analytics: Plobal’s analytics feature allows store owners to track data within the app and learn more about their target audience.
  • 24/7 support: Plobal’s mobile app experts provide 24/7 support, making building and managing an app easy.
  • Low cost: Plobal offers several pricing plans to fit any budget.
  • Return on Ad Spend: Plobal helps you reduce ad spend and increase conversions.
  • Increase Sales: With Plobal, you can create an app and tap into a global market.


Plobal’s pricing plans start at $299/month. Additionally, they offer a 30 day free trial and additional charges may apply. Plobal’s plans include Growth, Essential, and Enterprise. The Growth plan is $299/month which includes a basic set of features. The Essential plan includes more advanced features for $599/month. Finally, the Enterprise plan is available for $1199/month.