Create custom forms effortlessly. Boost leads and sales with Contact Widgets, Subscription, Wholesale Order Form, and more. Integration-ready and no coding needed.

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Pify Form Builder‑Contact Form

Pify Form Builder‑Contact Form

Easy to build customization forms for more leads and sales.


Pify Form Builder-Contact Form is a powerful tool that enables ecommerce owners to create custom forms without any coding. With a wide range of customization options, the app helps to increase leads and sales on a Shopify store. The app has a range of features including Contact Widgets, Subscription, Wholesale Order Form with payments via the store or PayPal, and Popup Form by custom button. It also offers various form templates to save time and lots of integrations for automation, along with multiple steps, conditional logic, custom email templates, and messages.


  • Automatically Create Customer with Contact Widgets & Subscription: Pify Form Builder-Contact Form enables users to automatically create customers with Contact Widgets and Subscription to get more leads.
  • Wholesale Order Form: Users can set up a Wholesale Order Form with payments made through their store or PayPal to get more sales.
  • Lots of Forms Templates to Save Time: Pify Form Builder-Contact Form supports lots of forms templates, allowing users to save more time while creating custom forms.
  • Multiple Integrations to Make Automation: This form builder app has multiple integrations which allow users to automate the process of creating custom forms.
  • Popup Form by Custom Button: Pify Form Builder-Contact Form provides users the function of creating Popup Form with a custom button.
  • Support Multiple Steps, Conditional Logic: This app also allows users to set up multiple steps and add conditional logic for their custom forms.
  • Custom Email Templates and Messages: This app also supports custom email templates and messages for custom forms.
  • Lots of Form Styles with No Code: Pify Form Builder-Contact Form offers a wide range of form styles without any code.
  • Notification: This app also sends notifications when customers fill the form.
  • Responsive & Filed Validation: The app is also responsive and supports validation of input fields.


Pify Form Builder-Contact Form comes with a free plan and three paid plans. The free plan offers basic features like creating forms, integrations, and responsive designs. The other plans have additional features like analytics, order forms, customer profiles, and more. The pricing details are as follows: • Free: Free • Base : $4.99/month • Adv: $6.99/month • Gold: $9.99/month


  • High customization options
  • Responsive designs which render rightly on all devices
  • Integrations with multiple web tools
  • Ability to add conditional logic and multiple steps in forms
  • Automatically create customers with contact widgets
  • Set up a Wholesale Order form with payments
  • Lots of form templates to save time
  • Custom email templates, messages, and lots of form styles
  • Support validation of input fields


  • Requires technical skills for advanced website setup
  • No analytics for the free plan