Ensure GDPR compliance with Cookie Consent Banners in multiple languages. Avoid fines and stay compliant with Pandectes GDPR Compliance.

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Pandectes GDPR Compliance

Pandectes GDPR Compliance

Cookie Banner for GDPR,CCPA, LGPD & other Privacy Regulations


Pandectes GDPR Compliance is a great Shopify app for ensuring GDPR-compliant Cookie Consent Banners on your store in any language. With this app, you'll be sure to comply with numerous data regulations and avoid getting fined. Its features are described in detail and used to cover a wide range of locations, giving you the peace of mind you need.The app is the perfect solution for any store that operates or has visitors in the EU, EEA, Switzerland, UK, Brazil, California, Virginia, Canada, Japan or Thailand. It provides all the necessary tools for compliance and avoids penalties. It works as a great companion to drop shipping, print-on-demand stores, Shopify’s Consent API, Online Store 2.0 themes, and Headless stores.With this app, you can get the most out of the various data regulations and prevent yourself from being fined.


  • Cookie Consent Banners: The Cookie Consent Banners feature provides many layout and position options to fit any theme. This provides the ability to customize the consent message and make sure that it fits with the design of the store.
  • Multilingual Content: The Multilingual Content feature allows for consent banners to be used in a variety of languages. This ensures that no matter who visits the store, they can read the consent message and respond in their native tongue.
  • Customer Data Requests Management: The Customer Data Requests Management feature helps keep track of all data requests that customers may have. This feature not only keeps up with all the requests but also provides an associated page or block for customers to fill out.
  • Scripts and Cookies Scanner: The Scripts and Cookies Scanner feature helps the store owner to scan for any scripts or cookies that may be present on the store. It provides detailed results and curated content to help make sure everything is compliant with data regulations.
  • Cookies Declaration: The Cookies Declaration feature is designed to provide an associated page or block where customers can view the different types of cookies that the store is using. This allows customers to know exactly what types of personal data is being collected and helps them to make more informed decisions.
  • Automatic Updates: The Automatic Updates feature ensures that the app is always up to date with any changes in data regulations. This feature allows store owners to be sure that the highest level of compliance is achieved and no penalties are incurred.
  • GDPR Compliant: The GDPR Compliant feature allows the store owner to check the GDPR compliance standard at any given time. This allows the store to stay compliant and keep up with the ever-changing regulations.
  • Data Access Requests: The Data Access Requests feature allows customers to make a request to view the personal data that the store has stored about them. This allows customers to have peace of mind that their data is properly handled and secure.
  • Data Deletion Requests: The Data Deletion Requests feature allows customers to request that their data be deleted from the store. This helps them to have full control over their data and make sure that it is being properly handled.
  • Data Export Requests: The Data Export Requests feature allows customers to request that the data stored on the store be exported to another location. This allows them to have further control over their data and ensures that they can take it with them if they choose to leave the store.


Pandectes GDPR Compliance is available with a variety of pricing plans. The Basic plan is free, while the Plus plan is $9/month, the Premium plan is $25/month, and the Enterprise plan is $35/month. The app also offers a 7-day free trial, so store owners can try out the app before committing to a plan.