No coding needed! Create Shopify pages with PageFly's drag-and-drop builder. Optimize speed and design with 100+ templates and features.

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PageFly Landing Page Builder

PageFly Landing Page Builder

Drag and drop page builder to boost conversions for all pages


PageFly is a page builder and section editor for Shopify stores that helps merchants create pages without coding. With PageFly’s drag-and-drop builder, customizing your store has never been easier. You can quickly adapt for any sales campaign and have full control over how the page looks, works, and performs. With PageFly, your page speed is guaranteed with clean code and optimization.PageFly allows merchants to build pages with a slideshow, block, tab, accordion, table, and content list. Any theme and app integration will be seamlessly implemented no matter the device. Build faster with auto-save, preset styles, and over 100 free templates. And finally, increase your conversions with sale countdown, badges, forms, variant options swatches, and responsive display for mobile and tablet.


  • Build Structure: Quickly build structure with the help of a range of tools such as a slideshow, block, tab, accordion, table, and content list.
  • Theme Section: Create a theme section and easily reuse for multiple pages. This saves a lot of time and energy.
  • Boost Conversion: Increase conversions with sale countdown, badges, forms, variant options swatches, and adjustable display for mobile and tablet.
  • Clean Code: PageFly promises clean code as well as optimizations to get your page running smoothly and quickly.
  • Cross-Device Editing: PageFly provides the ability to edit your pages and sections across all devices.
  • AutoSave: PageFly offers an AutoSave feature which helps merchants save their work quickly and easily.
  • Over 100 Templates: Over 100 free templates are available to help get your page up and running without the need for coding.
  • Third-Party Integration: PageFly seamlessly implements any theme and app integration no matter what device you’re using.
  • Responsive: PageFly uses responsive design for mobile and tablet. This allows you to adjust your display for the perfect look.
  • Variable Options Swatches:Increase the visibility of product variations without a bunch of clicks with PageFly’s variable options swatches feature.


PageFly is free to install. Additional charges may apply depending on usage and plan type.PageFly offers a no credit card required and free plan with one page/section and all features and add-ons included. For larger stores needing more, PageFly offers a paid plan from $24/mo which includes free to install, unlimited pages and sections, additional features and add-ons, and priority customer support.