Grow your email list and boost sales with 1Click Email Popups for eCommerce stores. Customize popups, target specific products/pages, and personalize campaigns. No coding required, just a powerful tool for increasing your email list and sales.

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1Click Popups ‑ Email Pop Ups

1Click Popups ‑ Email Pop Ups

Email Sign Up, Spin Wheel, Newsletter Pop Up Window & more


1Click Email Popups is an app designed to enable eCommerce stores to grow their email list, boost sales, and engender brand loyalty in an effective manner. With this app, users can customize the design, content, and timing of their popups, enabling them to target specific products and pages with ease.Furthermore, they can also take advantage of the app's advanced targeting options, segment their email list, and send more personalized campaigns. Additionally, 1Click Email Popups offers users a simple, yet powerful tool to build their email list and connect with customers. With its visual popup editor, 30+ templates, and features like autoresponders and double opt-in, 1Click Email Popups is the perfect tool for customers to grow their email list and increase sales without any coding.


  • Visual Popup Editor & 30+ Templates: 1Click Email Popups has a thorough visual popup editor with which users can create interactive, dynamic popups in minutes. Additionally, it contains 30+ pre-made templates and users can also design their own custom design using HTML and CSS.
  • Automatically Generated Random Discounts: With 1Click Email Popups, customers can automatically generate random discount codes that can only be used once. This feature helps them to reward customers for subscribing to their newsletters and also further encourages them to make additional purchases.
  • Segment Your Audience with Tags: 1Click Email Popups allows users to segment their audience with tags and thus send more personalized emails. This feature enables users to target their campaigns more effectively by targeting specific audiences, making sure that their campaigns are more likely to convert.
  • Integrate with Any Email or SMS Marketing App: The app integrates seamlessly with any email or SMS marketing app in the Shopify App Store. This allows users to take advantage of their existing marketing tools and provide their customers with the best possible experience.
  • Advanced Targeting Feature: The Advanced Targeting feature allows users to target different audiences for different pages or products. This is a great feature for customers that want to ensure that their popups are shown to the right people, increasing the chances of conversion.
  • Autoresponders: The Autoresponders feature allows users to automatically send follow-up emails to customers after they have subscribed to their newsletter. This increases customer loyalty and ensures that customers are provided with personalized emails.
  • Double Opt-in: The Double Opt-in feature ensures that customers confirm their subscription to the newsletter twice, thus removing any potential spam subscriptions.
  • Powerful Reporting: The app has a powerful reporting feature that enables users to track their campaigns and measure their effectiveness. This is a great way to improve campaigns and make sure that they are performing as expected.
  • Customize Content: Users can customize the content of their popups to ensure that they are providing their customers with the right message. This feature helps to keep customers engaged and encourages them to make additional purchases.
  • Compatibility: The app is compatible with all major browsers and email marketing apps, making it easy for users to integrate it with their existing marketing strategies.


1Click Popups ‑ Email Pop Ups offers users a free plan as well as a 7-day free trial. The Basic Plan is available for $7.99/month, the Plus Plan is available for $34.99/month, and the Business Plan is available for $69.99/month. Each plan comes with different features and levels of customization, making it easy for users to find the plan that best suits their needs.