Optimize your Shopify store's ads with Omega's TikTok Pixels! Efficient data collection, custom event tracking, and improved reporting for targeted marketing success.

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Omega ‑ Multiple TikTok Pixels

Omega ‑ Multiple TikTok Pixels

Scale TikTok Ads easily with precise TikTok Pixels & Catalogs


Omega – Multiple TikTok Pixels is an app developed specifically for Shopify stores to help them capture events more easily with TikTok Pixels. This app enables businesses to collect data more efficiently, optimize their ads to the right audience and make better use of their Ad Manager reporting. Businesses can also use the app to track custom button/link click events, and also create more granular events according to their needs.


  • Install multiple TikTok Pixels: With this app, businesses can install multiple TikTok Pixels with automatically tracked events that include smart data.
  • Utilize unique Events API solutions: The app offers unique Events API solutions that businesses can use to collect quality pixel data and take their data collection process to the next level.
  • Understand ad creatives’ performance: With the app’s better matching technology, businesses can obtain better understanding of how each of their ad creatives are actually performing.
  • Scale up faster: The app provides a better Ads Manager attribution that can help businesses to scale up their operations faster based on the insights they have.
  • Track custom button/link click events: Businesses can use the app to track custom button/link click events to gain better understanding of their customers’ interactions.
  • Create more granular events: With this app, businesses can create more granular events in their pixel data according to their specific need.
  • Activate Privacy Management APIs: The app enables businesses to activate Privacy Management APIs to help them better manage their customer data privacy.
  • Automatically capture events: Its automated event capture feature helps businesses to monitor events more easily without manual intervention.
  • Personalize data collection: Businesses can personalize their data collection process with the help of the app’s customizable settings.
  • Increase the accuracy of their Ads Manager: Finally, the app helps businesses to increase the accuracy of their Ads Manager reports for better analytics.


Omega – Multiple TikTok Pixels offers different pricing plans for businesses. Its MONTHLY plan is priced at $6.99/month, while its YEARLY plan offers a 28% OFF and is priced at $4.99/month. There is also a 3-day free trial available for businesses to try out the app before making the purchase. However, additional charges may apply based on the features requested by businesses.