Stay GDPR/CCPA compliant with the EU GDPR Cookies Notification app for Shopify. Transparent cookie banners and detailed data management for customer trust.

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EU GDPR Cookies Notification

EU GDPR Cookies Notification

Cookie banner, Cookies Consent for GDPR & CCPA privacy policy


The EU GDPR Cookies Notification app for Shopify allows businesses to remain GDPR/CCPA compliant with transparent cookie banners and preferences. The app helps businesses remain on-brand and customers feel empowered for how their data is being used. With the app, businesses can scan cookies being used, target all countries, only EU and/or California visitors as needed, and allow data subjects to modify, view, and even delete any personal data a business may be storing. Plus, the app allows businesses to control Facebook pixel fires based on customer consent. At a reasonable cost of $4.99/month, the EU GDPR Cookies Notification app is an invaluable resource for businesses of all sizes looking to adhere to GDPR regulations.


  • Customize cookie banner and preferences: The app's cookie banner can be tailored so it remains compliant and on-brand. By tailoring the banner, it allows customers the trust that their data is being securely used and stored.
  • Auto-scan cookies you're saving: The app does the hard work for businesses by automatically scanning cookies they are using on their websites. This saves time and prevent errors in compliance.
  • Target audiences: Businesses can tailor their cookie banners to only target EU and/or California visitors as needed.
  • Allow data subjects to execute their rights: The app allows data subjects to execute their rights for any data a business may have stored. This includes the ability to view, delete, or modify data stored.
  • Notify Shopify of consent status: The app notifies Shopify of any consent status which limits the default cookies businesses need to worry about.
  • Data subject requests management dashboard: The app has a management dashboard which simplifies the process of managing data subject requests.
  • Multi-language options: Businesses can customize the language of their banner to their audience.
  • Advanced consent only opt-ins & Cookie Stack Scanner: The app allows businesses to scan for cookies across different domains, as well as customize cookie opt-ins so visitors can truly consent. Cookie compliance reporting: The app allows businesses to access compliance reports and determine EU/CCPA consent, learn more about customers' actions, and manage data subject requests.
  • Platform integration: The app can be integrated with various platforms including Instapage, Boomtrain, Network Locum, and more.


The EU GDPR Cookies Notification app is reasonably priced at $4.99/month. There is also a 3-day free trial period, giving businesses the opportunity to test out the app before committing.