Protect your Shopify store with NoFraud's advanced fraud prevention and chargeback protection. Ensure secure transactions with flexible screening options.

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NoFraud Fraud Protection

NoFraud Fraud Protection

Prevent Fraud Chargebacks, Accept More Orders


NoFraud is an advanced fraud protection and chargeback prevention app specifically designed for Shopify store owners. With powerful features such as Chargeback Protection, Blocklist/Allowlist, Flexibility on which orders to screen, Integration Flexibility, and Phone and Email Support, NoFraud provides an all-in-one solution that ensures your business is able to properly prevent fraud. With NoFraud, you can rest assured that your business and customers are both protected from fraud, chargebacks, and false declines. NoFraud is easy to install and free to try, so you can test out the app for yourself and ensure that you’re getting the most out of it.


  • Chargeback Protection: NoFraud provides Chargeback Protection to ensure that your store is protected from chargebacks and other forms of fraudulent activity. If you receive a chargeback from a fraudulent order, NoFraud will pay you back.
  • Blocklist/Allowlist: NoFraud allows users to create their own rules to stop customer abuse and block potential fraudulent orders. With this feature, users can easily block customers with a known history of fraud and allow orders from customers with a reputable order history.
  • Flexibility on Which Orders to Screen: NoFraud provides flexibility in the orders you choose to screen. This allows you to exclude orders from payment methods such as Paypal, Amazon Pay, BNPL, and more. This allows you to exclude orders from payment methods that are more likely to be fraudulent without having to go through the extra steps of manual review.
  • Integration Flexibility: NoFraud offers integration flexibility to allow you to cancel fraudulent orders before fulfillment. This added layer of protection ensures that your store is always protected from fraud.
  • Phone & Email Support: NoFraud also provides 24/7 phone and email support from our fraud analyst and support teams. This ensures that your store is always protected from any potential fraudulent activity.
  • AI & Human Intelligence: NoFraud utilizes both AI and human intelligence to ensure that you are getting the best possible protection from fraud. This allows NoFraud to detect any potential fraudulent activity and prevent it before it can affect your store.
  • Customizable Dashboard: NoFraud’s Dashboard is customizable so you can make sure you’re getting the most out of the app and ensuring you’re always protected. This feature allows you to easily access the most important information and adjust the settings as necessary.
  • Real-Time Alerts & Reporting: NoFraud also provides real-time alerts and reports so you can monitor your store and ensure it is safe from fraud. This feature allows you to stay up to date on any potential fraudulent activity and respond quickly to any suspicious orders.
  • Zero False-Positives: NoFraud offers a zero false-positive rate, meaning that orders flagged as “potential fraud” are actually fraudulent. This allows you to rest assured that any order flagged as being potentially fraudulent is in fact fraudulent, allowing you to make the proper decision when it comes to canceling orders.
  • Multiple Supported Platforms: NoFraud supports Shopify and other platforms, allowing you to protect your business no matter where it is located or what platform it is built upon.


NoFraud is free to install and comes with flexible pricing plans tailored to your specific business needs.