Ensure EU cookie law compliance on Shopify with GDPR Cookie Compiler. Easy-to-implement and attractive design for total compliance.

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GDPR Cookie Compiler

GDPR Cookie Compiler

Make GDPR Cookie Compliance Easier


GDPR Cookie Compiler is an intuitive and easy-to-implement app for Shopify stores. It is designed to help Shopify store owners quickly adapt to the regulations set by the European Union on cookie law. GDPR Cookie Compiler ensures that website owners and their customers are in total compliance with EU cookie law. This app also includes advanced CSS making sure that it looks attractive and shows no discrepancies change across all devices.


  • Easy Setup and Customization: The GDPR Cookie Compiler’s set up process only needs a few clicks. All it requires is for the store owner to enter in the Cookie Policy URL and the app will do the rest. There is full customization of the Cookie Warning Banner with options to add/edit and remove content, as well as design a personally customized banner that fits the brand image.
  • Adherence to EU Regulations: The app promises fast and secure adherence to the EU cookie law. As a store owner, you no longer have to worry about enabling visitors of your website to understand what third party entities are collecting data and for what purpose.
  • Automated Cookie Warning Banner: The GDPR Cookie compiler also ensures that the warnings only display because the visitor agreed to them. The banner is automated and will disappear once the visitors clicks the “I Agree” button.
  • Advanced CSS Design: The GDPR Cookie Compiler uses an advanced CSS design that is both attractive and device friendly. This ensures that no matter what device the visitor is using, the Cookie Warning banner looks the same, as well as being easy to navigate on any device.
  • Easy and Intuitive Navigation: The GDPR Cookie Compiler has easy and intuitive navigation. This makes it easy for the site owner to make any changes or additions to the Cookie Warning Banner.
  • Full Compliance With Cookie Laws: The GDPR Cookie Compiler ensures total compliance with the EU cookie laws. This means that the store owner no longer has to worry about being in breach of the law or any regulations set by the European Union.
  • Fast Implementation: The app is designed to be implemented quickly and easily. All it requires is for the store owner to enter in the Cookie Policy URL and the app will do the rest automatically.
  • Compatible With All Devices: The GDPR Cookie Compiler is designed to work with all devices and ensures that the Cookie Warning Banner displays the same across them.
  • Customized Cookie Warning Banner: The GDPR Cookie Compiler allows store owners to customize the Cookie Warning Banner to better suit their brand. This can also help to add credibility to a store by having a banner look unique and attractive.
  • Enhanced View Of Cookie Policy: The GDPR Cookie Compiler also allows for an enhanced view of the Cookie Policy. This allows for the store owner to present the Cookie Policy in an easier to understand format for the visitor.


GDPR Cookie Compiler offers a free plan for store owners to get started. For those who want to access more advanced features, there is a Premium Plan available at $2.99 per month. This plan includes advanced customization options, more detailed analytics, and enhanced views of the Cookie Policy.