Boost online sales with sales notifications and popups. Analyze and build trust with busy store appearance.

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ToastiBar ‑ Sales Popup

ToastiBar ‑ Sales Popup

Boost Sales with Sales & Cart Notifications & more.


ToastiBar – Sales Popup is a powerful and beneficial app available on Shopify app store. The app’s main function is to increase sales on an online store by displaying sales notifications and popups. The app also analyze the online store’s visitors and product visitors to build trust by making the store appear busy.


  • Sales Notification Popups: ToastiBar – Sales Popup displays store’s recent sales using sales notification popups. This helps in increasing the sales of an online store.
  • Cart Notification Popups: The app displays store’s recent added to cart products using cart notification popups. This feature helps shoppers to find what products were recently added to the cart and can help them in find what products are trending.
  • Online/Recent Visitors Count: The app displays store’s online/recent visitors count using visitors notification popups.
  • Recent Product Visitors Count: The app also displays store’s recent product visitors count using product visitors popups.
  • Customizable Message Colors: The app provides the feature to customize the message colors, helps in capturing more customer attention.
  • Customizable Animation: The app also provides the feature to customize the animation of the Notification/Popup messages.
  • Smart Targeting Options: ToastiBar – Sales Popup provides smart targeting options that allows the store owners to target their visitors based on geography and/or device.
  • Multiple Languages: The ToastiBar – Sales Popup app supports multiple languages and therefore, can be used for stores based in any language.


ToastiBar – Sales Popup provides a free basic plan to its customers as well as a 14 days trial period. If you want more options and features, you can upgrade to the paid plans which starts at $6.99/month. All the features are available in the paid plans. Furthermore, customers can also avail the special offers and discounts.