Design stunning Shopify pages with LayoutHub. Choose from over 250 layouts for an attractive and modern site design, all with 24/7 support.

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LayoutHub ‑ Easy Page Builder

LayoutHub ‑ Easy Page Builder

Build stunning web pages easily with drag drop editor


LayoutHub – Easy Page Builder is a powerful Shopify app that makes it easy to quickly create and design pages on your shop. With a library of over 250 professional page layouts to choose from, you can customize the design of your site to make it look more attractive and modern. Plus, the app is designed for optimal performance – even when you have a lot of users or customers. And with dedicated 24/7 customer support, you're always covered.LayoutHub’s page-building capabilities are incredibly powerful and easy-to-use for anyone, making it a great option for shop owners and small businesses. Using the app, you can easily select from a library of various high-quality layouts for your pages and enhance them with content without any coding knowledge. Moreover, it's compatible with some of the most popular Shopify apps, making it even easier to customize your page design.If you’re looking for a great page-building tool for your Shopify site, then LayoutHub – Easy Page Builder is worth checking out. The app comes with a free plan that allows you to get started and explore the app, as well as several paid plans that offer more features and customization options. Below, we’ll go into more detail about the features of LayoutHub and the different pricing plans available.


  • Powerful and Direct Editor: LayoutHub's editor is incredibly powerful, yet easy enough to use for anyone. Easily change the content in the layout and add your own style without having to write a single line of code.
  • Library of Professional Layouts: There are over 250 professional and diverse page layouts in the LayoutHub library, offering a variety of styles and design options. Whether you’re just starting out or looking to give your shop a professional touch, LayoutHub has you covered.
  • Dedicated Customer Support: LayoutHub is committed to providing top-notch customer service and support. With 24/7 dedicated customer support, you can always contact them with any questions or issues.
  • Compatible with Popular Shopify Apps: LayoutHub is compatible with some of the most popular Shopify apps, allowing you to easily customize your page design with ease.
  • Optimal Performance: LayoutHub is designed with exceptional performance in mind – even if you have a large number of customers or visitors.
  • Robust Security: LayoutHub takes security seriously – all data stored in the app is encrypted, and it’s regularly monitored for any potentially malicious activity.
  • Multiple Page Builders: LayoutHub offers multiple page builders, including HTML, Liquid and CSV builders. This allows you to create the exact page you need based on the format you choose.
  • Personalize Your Shop: LayoutHub allows you to easily customize and personalize the design of your shop. With over 250 professionally made templates available, you can make your shop look and feel just the way you want it.
  • Responsive Design and Retina Display Ready: LayoutHub ensures that your page looks great on all devices and displays. All layouts are responsive and Retina-ready, ensuring that customers’ experience is optimized for any device.
  • In-App Shopping Cart: LayoutHub also offers an in-app shopping cart, so customers can quickly and easily purchase items from your shop.


LayoutHub – Easy Page Builder offers a free plan for those who want to get started and explore the app, and three paid plans that offer more features and customization options. The free plan is perfect for anyone who wants to give the app a try. The other plans, called Basic, Pro, and Premium, are billed monthly and offer more features as you upgrade. The Basic plan starts at $14.99 / month and comes with advanced theme customizations, key performance metrics, in-app shopping cart support, and more. The Pro plan starts at $29.99 / month, and provides all the features of the Basic plan plus access to LayoutHub’s A/B testing service and additional page templates. The Premium plan, on the other hand, starts at $59.99 / month and provides access to LayoutHub’s integrated analytics platform.