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Photo Gallery | Robin PRO

Photo Gallery | Robin PRO

Create fast, secure, beautifully responsive image galleries


Photo Gallery | Robin PRO is an amazing Shopify app that helps you easily create beautiful, fast, mobile-friendly photo galleries on Shopify. You can protect your images with watermarks and link them to products within your gallery, allowing you to drive sales. It also helps to optimize, lazy load and smart size your images from the native CDN for a fast browsing experience. It also includes administrative tools to upload images in bulk, and publish them lightning fast.


  • Optimization and Lazy-loading: Photo Gallery | Robin PRO helps to optimize your images, lazy loading them from a fast CDN, ensuring your gallery loads lightning fast.
  • Mobile-Friendly: Robin PRO helps to create the perfect mobile-friendly shopping experience to your customers.
  • Product Linking: You can link individual photos to Shopify products from within your photo galleries, allowing you to drive sales from your galleries.
  • Watermarks: You can easily protect your images with watermarking, ensuring protection from theft.
  • Image Alt-Tags: Photo Gallery | Robin PRO helps you to add alt tags to images for SEO-friendly images, increasing visibility on search engines.
  • Pixel-Perfect Grid and Masonry Layouts: You can create pixel-perfect grid and masonry layouts, allowing you to present your photos in style.
  • Bulk Uploads: You can easily upload images in bulk with simple administrative tools, allowing you to save time.
  • Fast Publishing: With Photo Gallery | Robin PRO, you can publish your photo galleries in seconds.
  • Friendly Support: Robin PRO provides friendly customer support to help you migrate existing photo galleries.
  • Free Plan: You can make use of the free plan if you don't need all the features of the premium plan.


Photo Gallery | Robin PRO has a free and a paid plan. The free plan offers features like optimization, lazy loading, mobile-friendly, watermarking and alt tags. Additionally, you also get pixel-perfect grid and masonry layouts. The paid plan is available at a nominal monthly fee of $4.99, and offers additional features like bulk uploads, fast publishing and friendly customer support.