Easily build iOS and Android apps for Shopify with JCurve. No coding, flexible pricing, and a 30-day trial to transform your store into a mobile app.

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Mobile App Builder ‑ JCurve

Mobile App Builder ‑ JCurve

Launch native iOS and Android mobile apps for your Shopify store


Mobile App Builder ‑ JCurve is the best app for Shopify merchants to create and launch an iOS and Android app for their store. With JCurve, no coding skills are required to launch a mobile app and there is a 30-day free trial for merchants to try before committing to a paid subscription. The pricing plans are very flexible and are based on the growth of their store. The paid plans starting at $89/month.


  • Launching of iOS and Android apps: JCurve assists Shopify merchants in launching an app for their store on both Android and iOS platforms. The app is developed according to the relevant store requirements and is compatible with both the stores.
  • Pay-as-you-go System: With JCurve, there is no need to pay for a package right away. Instead, the merchants can avail the service on a pay-as-you-go system, which adapts to the growth of their store.
  • Cancellation Anytime: JCurve allows its merchants to cancel their subscription anytime they wish. It also provides instructions to be able to cancel the subscription with ease.
  • Native Mobile Apps: All the apps developed on JCurve are native mobile apps, meaning the apps performance and speed is much better than other types of apps like web or hybrid apps.
  • Deep Linking: JCurve offers merchants a feature like deep linking, which allows them to link pages within their app to each other. It also allows them to link users to external websites, which can further help users to reach more information quickly.
  • Push Notifications: JCurve also includes the feature of push notifications, which helps merchants to send notifications to their app users at any time. These notifications notify users about discounts and new products and can help to improve user engagement and sales.
  • Google Analytics Integration: JCurve also allows Shopify merchants to integrate their app with Google Analytics, which serves to provide valuable analytics that can help merchants track performance and gain insights.


The pricing plans of JCurve are very flexible and are in line with the growth of the merchant’s store. The pricing plans are divided into three tiers - Growth, Power and Enterprise, with each tier offering different features. The Growth tier is the most basic and is priced at $89/month, the Power tier is priced at $139/month. JCurve also offers a 30-day free trial so merchants can try the app before committing to a paid subscription.