Enhance mobile shopping on Shopify with Hulk Mobile App Builder. Build custom iOS and Android apps with real-time insights and push notifications.

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Hulk Mobile App Builder

Hulk Mobile App Builder

An effortless way to build IOS and Android Mobile Apps.


Hulk Mobile App Builder is a powerful app for Shopify store owners looking to improve their store’s mobile experience. With a range of features, including real-time insights and push notifications, an interactive dashboard, Google Analytics and Facebook deep-linking integrations, and single-page checkout, users can quickly create a compelling and unified mobile platform right from their shopify store. As a bonus, the app is fully compatible with both iOS and Android operating systems.Hulk Mobile App Builder is an app that provides store owners with the means to create a powerful tool for accessing their shopify store from their phones with custom mobile applications. That means store owners can build intuitive and efficient mobile experiences from scratch, without the need for any coding proficiency. All with a smooth, interactive dashboard that makes it easy to customize the app’s features and control it from anywhere.With Hulk Mobile App Builder, store owners can maximize their shopify store’s mobile presence and increase the number of repeat customers. The app has been designed to make it easy for users to create their own mobile apps, letting them enjoy an efficient, stress-free mobile experience.


  • Real-time Push Notifications and Insights: The mobile app builder app lets store owners set up real-time push notifications and insights, giving them powerful tools to stay up-to-date with their store’s sales and customers’ activity on the app.
  • iOS and Android Compatibility: The mobile app builder works with both iOS and Android operating systems, making it easy for store owners to get their shopify store up and running on mobile devices of all types.
  • Interactive Dashboard: The app comes with an easy-to-use and streamlined dashboard that allows users to customize their store’s mobile look and content without the need for coding skills.
  • Google Analytics and Facebook Deep Linking: Google Analytics and Facebook deep links are both integrated into the app, giving store owners access to an even wider range of insights from the app dashboard.
  • Single-Page Checkout: The app’s integrated checkout feature enables store owners to design a custom checkout page without having to code HTML or CSS.
  • Order Management: The app allows users to quickly and easily manage their store’s orders and view them in real-time.
  • Design Templates: For those who aren’t experienced in design, the mobile app builder offers a collection of templates so users can quickly create an attractive mobile interface.
  • API Integration: The mobile app builder supports API integrations, which allows store owners to customise and create their own features on the app.
  • Security: Hulk Mobile App Builder comes with a range of security options, including authentication, encryption, and app updates.


The app’s pricing plans range from $79/month for the basic plan to $399/month for the enterprise plan, with a 15-day free trial available.