Expand your Shopify store's reach with BUCKS Currency Converter PRO++. Instantly convert prices to 160+ currencies for a seamless shopping experience. Boost international sales.

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BUCKS Currency Converter PRO++

BUCKS Currency Converter PRO++

Auto Currency Switching with Checkout Currency Conversion


BUCKS Currency Converter PRO++ is an app designed for Shopify stores that want to expand their global reach and expand their international sales by instantly converting prices to 160+ currencies. This app combines lightning-fast currency conversion, 24/7 live chat support, and user-friendly design to ensure customer satisfaction and provide a seamless shopping experience. Through this app, store owners can be sure that their customers always view their prices in their local currency so that they can make the purchase without any hassles. With its easy to use design and powerful features, BUCKS Currency Converter PRO++ can definitely help to increase international sales and boost customer satisfaction.


  • Automatic Currency Conversion: BUCKS Currency Converter PRO++ automatically switches to the customer's local currency at an instant speed. The conversion is based on the latest exchange rates and ensures that customers always view the correct prices.
  • Instant Loading Technology: The Instant Loading Technology implemented in the core of BUCKS currency converter helps to keep track of customers’ locations in real-time and converts prices to their local currency with no flicker.
  • Shopify Market Support: The app provides full support for Shopify market’s international selling tools, allowing customers to checkout in their local currency.
  • Positioning, Price Rounding and CSS Support: BUCKS Currency Converter PRO++ allows store owners to customize their switcher design by choosing between multiple positions, price rounding options, and css support.
  • 24/7 Live Chat Support: The app provides 24/7 support through a live chat system, allowing store owners to easily get help with any queries or issues.
  • Optimized UX/UI: Thanks to its optimized design, BUCKS Currency Converter PRO++ provides an effortless, seamless, and hassle-free experience to customers.
  • Multi-Currency Support: BUCKS Currency Converter PRO++ can easily convert prices to 160+ currencies, making it an ideal solution for store owners looking to expand their international sales.
  • Dedicated Support Team: BUCKS currency converter pro has a dedicated team of professionals to help store owners integrate and use the app.
  • Easy to Use Design: The app is easy to install and configure and the user friendly design makes it easy to use.
  • Cross-Platform Compatibility: BUCKS Currency Converter PRO++ is compatible with all major browsers, platforms, and devices.


BUCKS Currency Converter PRO++ is available for free. The app has its own pricing policy and the store owners must contact the support team for details. However, for store owners who don’t need all the features of the PRO version, there is also a basic version of the app available at an affordable price.