Transform your Shopify store with InstagramFeed, UGC, & TikTok. Create shoppable Instagram galleries and showcase TikTok videos for enhanced customer engagement.

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Instagram Feed, UGC, & TikTok

Instagram Feed, UGC, & TikTok

Sell through user-generated Instagram feed & Tiktok galleries


InstagramFeed, UGC, & TikTok is a Shopify application that enables merchants to shop from their own Instagram feed. It offers four different gallery layouts (grid, masonry, slider, and listing) seamlessly on any page on the store. Merchants can also run contests, get insights of customer behavior with analytics of impressions & conversions and auto-approve photos & videos, and hide them with ease. Additionally, merchants are able to create and show a shoppable Instagram gallery on a dedicated page and showcase TikTok videos on their store.


  • Tag Associated Products: The app enables merchants to tag associated products on their photos and lets customers purchase them easily.
  • Create an Unlimited Number of Galleries: Merchants can create an unlimited number of Instagram galleries for different occasions and feature them on any page of their online store.
  • Get Insights of Customer Behavior: The app provides insights into customer behavior with analytics of impressions & conversions so that merchants can understand customer trends and optimize their marketing strategies accordingly.
  • Auto-Approve Photos & Videos: The app facilitates merchants with auto-approval of photos & videos before they are published on the site. This ensures an easier and faster approval process.
  • Hide Images & Videos Seamlessly: Merchants can easily hide images & videos from their stores. This feature allows merchants to manage images and videos with ease and keep their stores up-to-date.
  • Dedicated Page for Shopping Gallery: The app enables merchants to create a dedicated page for a shopping gallery. This page allows merchants to showcase their products in the best possible manner and turn visitors into customers.
  • Turn Visitors into Followers: The app allows merchants to showcase TikTok videos in their stores. This drives visitors to become their followers and increases customer engagement.
  • Easy Setup & Customization: The app is easy to set up and customize according to different needs. It allows merchants to easily add galleries to any page of the store and select between different layout options.
  • Add-To-Cart Integration: The app provides easy integration with the add-to-cart feature of Shopify. This allows merchants to analyze their data and see how the app is driving sales.
  • Customer Support: The app provides professional customer support to merchants. It enables merchants to get help with their issues anytime they need assistance.


Instagram Feed, UGC, & TikTok offers two pricing plans for merchants – Pro and Ultimate. The Pro plan is available for $4.95/month and includes features like tagging associated products, creating unlimited galleries and getting insights of customer behavior etc. The ultimate plan costs $24.95/month and provides all features of the Pro plan along with higher visibility, analytics and conversion tracking. Merchants can also take advantage of the 14-day free trial available with the app.