Recover abandoned shopping carts and boost revenue with personalized messages using Smart Cart Recovery for Shopify.

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Smart Cart Recovery

Smart Cart Recovery

Earn more without spending a cent on marketing


Smart Cart Recovery is a powerful app for Shopify that allows merchants to follow up with customers who have abandoned their shopping carts. With the drag and drop interface and automated sequence of messages, shop owners can send personalized messages to the customers referring them back to their shopping cart. They have an easy to use Facebook Messenger integration that helps you supercharge your recovery sequence and send messages tailored to the particular platform. With Smart Cart Recovery, you will never lose money to abandoned orders again!


  • Referral Based Recovery Sequences: Easily recover your abandoned order with referral-based sequences.
  • Queue Sequences for all Abandoned Orders: Queue your sequences for all of your previously abandoned orders since day one for maximum efficiency.
  • Supercharge your Sequence with Facebook Messenger Integration: Use the Facebook Messenger integration to effectively reach out to your customers and supercharge your recovery sequence.
  • Tailor Messages to Platforms: Adapt your messages depending on the platform to make the most out of them.
  • Send Cool Images: Use eye-catching images to attract your customers back to their shopping cart or promote a product or promotion.
  • Multi-language Support: Send messages in different languages to capture a broader audiences.
  • Track Success of Messages: Monitor the success of your messages and adjust them to ensure maximum recovery rate.
  • Automate Process: Automates the process of sending messages to customers, greatly reducing the effort required.


Smart Cart Recovery is free to download and comes with a 14-day free trial period. To access additional features and support, there are two subscription plans – General and Plus. The General plan is priced at $8/month and the Plus plan at $14/month.