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Filey ‑ Files Backup & Export

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Export store files, product images and videos in one click.

Filey ‑ Files Backup & Export

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Filey is a Files Backup and Export app that enhances the capability of Shopify stores to download their store files, product images, and videos with just a single click. Merchants can download their store files, brand assets, and documents in a single archive, preserving the original file names. This will streamline the task of uploading these files in a new store without the need to modify the existing theme. Filey is a reliable and safe solution for backing up important files and transferring them to other stores.


  • Copy/Transfer Store Files: Filey makes it incredibly easy to pick up your files from the “Settings -> Files” section, and transfer them to a new store with just one click.
  • Export Your Brand Assets and Documents: Store owners and managers can easily export their brand assets like logos and documents to other stores.
  • Export Product Images and Videos: Filey enables you to export all product images, videos, and 3D models in one click.
  • Make a Backup of Your Store Files: Using Filey, merchants can create a backup of store files, ensuring their safety and making them easier to access.
  • Secure and Reliable Solution: Filey is a reliable and secure solution for offering backup and export of files.
  • Streamline Product Export: This app makes product export easy and effortless.
  • Single Click Download: Merchants just need to click one button to download their files as a single archive.
  • Preserve File Names: Filey saves the original file names, allowing users to save time and effort when uploading their files to a new store.
  • Automate File Storage: The app enables merchants to automate file storage in the “Settings -> Files” section.
  • Safe and Secure Cloud Platform: Filey is built on the industry-leading cloud platform and is backed by secure encryption.


Filey offers a totally free version of their app which comes with all the features mentioned above.