Dramatically improve your website's SEO with Onpage fixes, broken link detection, meta tags, XML sitemaps, and more.

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SEO Pro ‑ SEO Booster

SEO Pro ‑ SEO Booster

SEO manager, Sitemap, page speed optimizer, Broken Link +


SEO Pro ‑ SEO Booster is an innovative app designed specifically for Shopify ecommerce owners. It enables businesses to dramatically improve the SEO of their websites in several ways. SEO Pro ‑ SEO Booster is equipped with powerful features that help users identify Onpage SEO issues and fix them easily, as well as detect and fix broken links, redirect pages, and monitor the performance of their SEO efforts. This app also helps allow users to create meta titles and descriptions, and create XML sitemaps. With its comprehensive suite of powerful SEO tools, SEO Pro ‑ SEO Booster makes it easier for Shopify ecommerce owners to drive organic traffic from Google.


  • Site SEO Scanner: The Site SEO Scanner feature of SEO Pro ‑ SEO Booster, enables users to easily scan all pages and products on their website, and detect Onpage SEO issues. With this scanner, users can instantly identify and fix Onpage issues inside the app itself.
  • Broken Link Checker: The Broken Link Checker helps users to quickly scan their store’s website and detect broken links. With the Broken Link Checker, they can effortlessly fix broken links without any hassle.
  • Redirect Mapping: The Redirect Mapping feature allows users to easily map their Shopify pages. This helps them to ensure that visitors are not taken to the wrong pages, resulting in fewer visitors abandoning the website.
  • Meta Title and Description: The Meta Title and Description feature enables users to create meta titles and descriptions, which help to improve the visibility of the website in search engine results pages.
  • XML Sitemaps: The XML Sitemap feature helps users to create XML sitemaps and submit them to Google, resulting in better search engine indexing and improved discoverability.
  • Performance Monitoring: The Performance Monitoring feature allows users to easily monitor their SEO performance and track their organic traffic. This helps them to better target their SEO efforts, and understand what works best for their store.
  • Automated SEO Reporting: The Automated SEO Reporting feature enables users to create detailed SEO reports that provide insights and suggestions on improving the SEO of their store.
  • SEO Tips and Tools: The SEO Tips and Tools feature provides users with handy suggestions and helpful resources for better optimizing their store’s SEO.


SEO Pro ‑ SEO Booster offers a Free plan and a 7-day free trial in addition to its paid plans. The paid plans include BASIC which is $5.99/month, PRO which is $9.99/month, and PREMIUM which is $19.99/month. Each plan offers an increasing number of features, and users can upgrade or downgrade their plans depending on their requirements.