Drive urgency and sales on Shopify with Essential Countdown Timer Bar. Ideal for flash sales, promotions, and creating a compelling sense of urgency.

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Essential Countdown Timer Bar

Essential Countdown Timer Bar

Countdown Timer Bar - Boost Sales with Urgency and Flash Sales


Essential Countdown Timer Bar is an app specifically designed to make it easier for Shopify store owners to drive sales. It takes advantage of a commonly used persuasion technique – creating a sense of urgency – to motivate customers to act. It allows you to add a timer to any product page, announcement bar, landing page, or cart page, and can be configured for different purposes, such as flash sales, promotions, pre-orders, product launches, and holiday sales.


  • Product Page Countdown: Add a countdown timer to your store's product page. This is an excellent way to get customers excited about an upcoming offer, or to create awareness of a current one.
  • Announcement Bar Countdown: Promote a sale across your store with a top bar. It's a great way to ensure that every customer sees your promotion, and to generate interest in what's on offer.
  • Landing Page Countdown: Show your promotion as a countdown timer on any page. This is useful for creating additional hype around any offers or promotions, and will grab the attention of visitors.
  • Cart Countdown Timer: Boost your store’s conversions by using a cart countdown. It's a great way to ensure that customers can't forget about the offer and will make sure they take it up before it expires.
  • Scheduled to-date: Get your timer ready for your upcoming events with the Scheduled to-date feature. You can set up the timer ahead of time and be sure it will start and end as planned.
  • Daily Recurring: Set a timer to repeat daily with the Daily Recurring feature. This allows you to keep customers buzzing about any offer or promotion on a daily basis.
  • Evergreen Fixed Minute: Perfect for those times when you have an offer that doesn't get exhausted quickly. It allows you to set the timer to keep running regardless of how quickly customers act.
  • Customizable Design: Choose the look of your timer to match the look and feel of your store. There are several designs to choose from, and it can be customised to match your branding.
  • Actionable Insights: Get valuable insights into how your timers affect your store's performance. This data can be used to refine your strategies and aim for the best results.


Essential Countdown Timer Bar has an affordable pricing plan. There is a free plan available, as well as 7-day free trial. There is also the Starter plan for $6.99 per month, the Essential plan for $9.99 per month, and the Professional plan for $29.99 per month. All plans include full access to all features and benefits, along with excellent customer service and technical support.