Ultimate SEO toolkit for Shopify - one-click meta tags, titles, keyword research, and auto-optimization for better SERP rankings.

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SEO King

SEO King

Boost photos, alts, metas, json-ld, sitemaps, 404s, urls, ...


SEO King is the ultimate SEO toolkit from Shopify that helps you optimize your shop and products for better ranking in search engine results pages (SERPs). From one-click meta tags and titles editing to keyword research and auto-optimization, this comprehensive app makes sure that every aspect of your shop’s SEO management is taken into account.


  • Bulk Resize and Compress Photos: Quickly reduce the size of multiple photos at once, making them load faster and improving your store’s overall performance.
  • Full Site Scan: Scan your entire shop and get a detailed report of key metrics, complete with recommendations for how to improve rankings.
  • Sitemaps/JSON-LD Optimization: Fine-tune your sitemaps and JSON-LD to help search engines crawl your content more effectively and boost rankings.
  • Keyword Research: Get keyword ideas based on your niche and products, so you can use them for content and product optimization.
  • Auto-optimizer: Enable the auto-optimizer to automatically detect missing meta tags and titles, and add them to your content.
  • Broken Images and Links Finder: Detect and alert you to any broken images or links that could hinder your rankings.
  • Photo Optimizer: Manage and optimize your product photos for better rankings, with features like auto tag generation, popular keywords replacement, etc.
  • Photo Export: Export your product photos to other websites to reach a wider audience.
  • No-Index: Exclude pages you don’t want indexed by search engines with a single click.


SEO King offers a free plan, allowing an unlimited amount of usage at no cost. When ready to upgrade, you can opt for the Small Shops for $9.99/month, Medium Shops for $12.99/month, or Large Shops for $14.99/month.