Elevate your Shopify store's atmosphere with Custom Background Music. Choose from 300+ royalty-free songs for all occasions, customizable for any theme.

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MX: Custom Background Music

MX: Custom Background Music

Add a background audio player with free YouTube/Spotify songs


Custom Background Music is an app for Shopify stores that allows store owners to customize their store by playing a song of their choice in the background. It provides 300+ royalty-free songs in multiple genres for every holiday, occasion, and TikTok trend. It is highly customizable, allowing store owners to control the color, size, volume, music loop, and auto-play. Additionally, the app provides a Valentine's Day Mode with romantic love holiday music songs for the winter season.


  • Play a Song of Your Choice with One Click:Play a song of your choice in the background of your store with one click. Add the perfect ambience to your store.
  • 300+ Royalty-Free Songs for Every Holiday and Occasion: Find the perfect song for every holiday or special occasion. The app has over 300+ royalty-free music in multiple genres for you to choose from.
  • TikTok Mode: Access insights about TikTok trends and get access to the weekly top songs.
  • Fully Customizable Design: Control the color, size, location, loop, and autoplay of the music.
  • Valentine's Day Mode: Get romantic love holiday music songs for the winter season.
  • Comprehensive Dashboard: View analytics and reports, such as the number of plays, visitor activity, and relevance of the music.
  • Easy to Use: The app is quick and easy to use. Simply select your desired songs and you're done.
  • Professional Features: Offers advanced features such as support for streaming multiple songs simultaneously.
  • Optimized for Mobile: Optimized for low network usage and reliable streaming.
  • Cross-Device Synchronization: Sync across devices for a seamless experience.


MX: Custom Background Music offers a free plan as well as a seven-day trial period for new customers. After the trial period, a fee is applied based on the chosen plan. The Basic plan costs $1.99/month, while the Pay-As-You-Go plan is free to install. There may be additional charges depending on usage and type of plan chosen.