EcoReturns: Revolutionize your returns process on Shopify with AI-powered tools. Enjoy automated returns, discounted labels, and cost-effective solutions.

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EcoReturns: AI Powered Returns

EcoReturns: AI Powered Returns

AI powered Returns, Exchanges, Store credits & Shipping labels


EcoReturns: AI-Powered Returns is an app designed to reduce and automate returns for Shopify. It helps save time for merchants and shop owners and offers a range of features, including discounted labels and automated pickups, AI-powered growth tools, and integrates with other major shipping providers, OMSs, and CRMs. EcoReturns also helps merchants and shop owners save money by decreasing the cost of processing returns and preventing returns in the first place. It’s a great option for merchants and shop owners looking to save time and reduce costs.


  • Automate Pickups: EcoReturns automates pickups and labels, meaning merchants and shop owners can save time and reduce the cost associated with manual labor.
  • AI-based Growth Tools: EcoReturns’ AI-based growth tools are designed to prevent returns and reverse logistical (RTO) costs to improve profitability.
  • Integrations: With EcoReturns, vendors have access to major shipping carriers and integrations with other systems like ERP, OMS, and CRMs.
  • Email/Text/WhatsApp notifications: EcoReturns keeps customers informed by sending email, text, or WhatsApp messages, ensuring customers have a seamless post-purchase experience.
  • Returns policies: EcoReturns offers customizable return policies so that merchants and shop owners can define their own rules for returns.
  • Automated refunds: EcoReturns helps merchants and shop owners by automating refunds for returns for a faster and easier process.
  • Store credits: EcoReturns provides store credits for customers, giving customers an easier way to make returns and exchanges.
  • Inbuilt discounted labels/Shipping: EcoReturns offers an inbuilt discounted label solution or the ability to connect to your own shipping provider.
  • CO2 Savings: EcoReturns helps save CO2 emissions due to the efficient use of labels and automated pickups.
  • AI-powered solution: EcoReturns provides an AI-powered solution that helps reduce and automate returns in an eco-friendly way.


EcoReturns: AI Powered Returns come at no cost, with a forever free plan available. Additional charges may apply for the Advance Plan ($19/month) and Advance Plan 2 ($195/month), paid on a monthly basis.