Enhance blog engagement and SEO with Related Blog Posts. Suggest relevant articles effortlessly.

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Related Blog Posts

Related Blog Posts

Suggest other blog posts of yours to boost engagement and SEO.


The Related Blog Posts app for Shopify offers an easy to use solution for bloggers and writers to increase reader engagement and SEO of their blogs. Whether you're looking to suggest relevant posts of yours on your blog page or to suggest additional articles to keep readers engaged, the Related Blog Posts app provides a simple way to accomplish these goals. The customizability and speed of the app provide a convenient way to get started to improve your SEO and blog reader engagement.


  • Boost SEO of Articles: The Related Blog Posts app for Shopify makes it quick and easy to insert internal links into your blog posts. This is beneficial to your blog's SEO, as internal links keep readers on your content longer and direct them to more relevant posts.
  • Improve Readership: The app also offers the ability to suggest related articles of yours to keep readers engaged. Linking to more of your blog posts often introduces your readers to content and helps to improve user engagement to boost your blog's readership over time.
  • Fully Customizable: Users of the Related Blog Posts app have complete control of the settings, like the ability to improve relevancy with tags, not include particular blogs, adjust display images, and more.
  • Fast and Easy to Install: The Related Blog Posts app is quick and easy to install and get up and running. It requires no coding or HTML knowledge and comes with two pre-made themes, so you can quickly adjust the display to fit your branding and theme's design.
  • Pre-Made Themes: The app offers two pre-made themes for you to quickly fit into the design of your branding and existing Shopify theme design. This is a great way to save time and provides a great starting point for customization.
  • Mobile-Friendly: The Related Blog Posts app looks great on mobile devices and is fully responsive to changes in screen size.
  • Analytics Tracking: The Related Blog Posts app has an in-built analytics tracker to better understand the performance of your suggested posts. This helps you to compare metrics across your blog posts and find which articles are performing the best.
  • Display Options: Customize the display of your suggested posts by changing the size of images in the slider and CTAs.
  • Quality Internal Links: Internal links are a powerful way to drive and direct visitors to pages within the same website. It allows you to link to related content which can improve search engine optimization and readership of your blog.
  • Custom Tags: Tags help create more intelligent recommendations and improve the accuracy and relevancy of the posts that you are suggesting to your readers.


The Related Blog Posts app is free of charge and requires no coding or HTML knowledge. This makes it a great way to quickly improve your blog's SEO and reader engagement without spending any money.