Streamline your service bookings with Appointment Booking Cowlendar for Shopify. Easy calendar integration and customizable booking forms for a hassle-free customer experience.

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Appointment Booking Cowlendar

Appointment Booking Cowlendar

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Appointment Booking Cowlendar is an intuitive and reliable Shopify application that helps businesses take bookings, appointments, events, and services booked through customers on their calendar. With this booking app installed on Shopify, customers can choose and book the service or products directly from your shop’s homepage. This eliminates the technical knowledge requirement for customers to book specific services or products. Appointment Booking Cowlendar works similarly to Calendly and integrates neatly with Shopify, allowing you to add any type of location for bookings (either physical or digital through Zoom or Google Meet links). Furthermore, you can customize the booking form or add any number of questions (male/female, etc.) to ensure customers provide all necessary information prior to the appointment.


  • Replace The “Add To Cart” Button With A “Book Now” Button: Appointment Booking Cowlendar allows you to replace the “add to cart” button in all of your Shopifyhomepagese with a “Book Now” button. This allows customers to book services or products without any technical knowledge.
  • Setup In-Person Meetings And Virtual Bookings: Appointment Booking Cowlendar makes it easy toset upp both in-personmeetingsg and virtual bookings through Zoom or Google Meet links. By doing this, businesses can keep track of appointments with ease and ensure customers provide all necessary information prior to the appointment.
  • Email Notifications & Reminders: Appointment Booking Cowlendar ensures businesses remain organized and on top of appointments. Customers know exactly when their appointment is scheduled, received email notifications to remind them, and have an easy way to confirm or cancel their appointment.
  • Group Bookings: Appointment Booking Cowlendar provides group bookings so customers can book the same timeslot for multiple persons. This facilitates greater efficiency and convenience for customers who are looking to book multiple services or products.
  • Support Multiple Businesses: Appointment Booking Cowlendar is not limited to just one business. It supports multiple businesses including restaurants, teachers, clinics, doctors, course sellers, and hairdressers, among others.
  • Synchronization With Google Calendar: Appointment Booking Cowlendar seamlessly synchronizes with Google calendar so businesses can keep track of all appointments.
  • Customization & Branding: Businesses have full control to customize the booking form so customers provide all necessary information for the appointment. They can also add their own branding to the booking page to give it a more professional look and feel.
  • Notifications: Appointment Booking Cowlendar aims to increase the customer experience by providing them with notifications. Customers will get notifications whenever they add or modify an appointment, receive reminders before the appointment, and receive thank you messages after they confirm the appointment.
  • Analytics: Appointment Booking Cowlendar provides valuable analytics to help businesses measure their performance and understand their customers better. It also allows them to gain insights into how many customers are booking appointments and what services they are booking.
  • Security: Appointment Booking Cowlendar ensures the highest levels of security for customers to provide confidential information securely.


Appointment Booking Cowlendar offers a free plan and a premium plan at $9.99 per month. The free plan provides access to basic features such as replacing the “add to cart” button with a “Book Now” button, setting up in-person meetings and virtual bookings, email notifications and reminders, group bookings, and analytics. The premium plan provides access to additional features such as notifications, synchronization with Google calendar, customization and branding, and enhanced securit.