Create urgency with countdown timers. Display stock countdown per variant. Customize text, colors, and placement. Free app.

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Urgency Bear Countdown Timer

Urgency Bear Countdown Timer

Powerful stock countdown & countdown timer to increase FOMO


The Urgency Bear Countdown Timer app is a great way to increase conversion rates and motivate customers to make a purchase. The app provides countdown timers which are renewed either by session or a fixed end date, enabling store owners to create a sense of urgency and scarcity in their store. Additionally, the app offers a stock countdown per selected variant and allows admins to place the countdown timer in multiple parts of their store. Store owners can also customize the text, color, and design of the timer to their brand. Urgency Bear Countdown Timer is a free app available on Shopify and is an excellent addition to any ecommerce store.


  • Countdown Timer: The Urgency Bear Countdown Timer app offers several countdown timers which can be reset either by session or a fixed end date. This encourages customers to make a purchase and not reconsider a decision or wait until later to buy.
  • Stock Countdown: Advanced stock countdown can be shown per variant. This is a great way to showcase real stock and inventory countdown to the customer and further instill a sense of urgency.
  • Countdown Placement: The countdown can be placed in multiple places of the store page. This allows the store owner to customize where in the store the countdown timer should appear to create the most impact.
  • Design Control: Complete control over the design of the countdown timer can be taken with full access to customize the color, text, and design of the timer to match a store’s brand.
  • Product Page Control: Countdown timers can be hidden on a separate product page, allowing store owners to display the timer when it’s most relevant and effective to do so.
  • Mobile Optimized: The app is optimized and compatible with mobile devices regardless of screen size, making sure the countdown timer looks great on any device.
  • Fast Loading: Urgency Bear Countdown Timer is ultra fast and efficient, loading quickly to ensure customers don’t wait too long for the page to load.
  • Customer Support: Not sure how to install, use, or optimize the app? No worries! The Urgency Bear Countdown Timer app comes with fantastic customer support to help customers get the job done quickly.
  • Abandoned Cart Notifications: Receive email notifications when a customer has abandoned a cart. This helps to easily follow-up with potential customers and further boost conversion rates.
  • Shopify Compliant: The app is compliant with Shopify’s standards and expectations, helping store owners avoid any issues when using this app.


The Urgency Bear Countdown Timer app is free to use on Shopify. No other plans or pricing options are available.