Convert prices into multiple currencies with speed and accuracy. Highly configurable and compatible with popular markets. Real-time updates with reliable exchange rates.

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Currency Converter Plus

Currency Converter Plus

Improve your sales on international markets


Currency Converter Plus is an essential tool for any Shopify store selling internationally. It provides users with the ability to convert prices on their store into multiple currencies with accuracy and speed. The app is highly configurable, compatible with the most used Markets, and updated in real-time with reliable exchange rates. With Currency Converter Plus, users can easily convert prices into their customer's local currency without any complicated manual configuration.


  • IP Geolocation: Currency converter Plus provides high-quality IP geolocation to accurately detect customer’s location. With this feature, store owners can serve up currencies that make sense to customers on their stores.
  • Wide Range of Currencies in Cover: Currency Converter Plus supports 222 different currencies, including major ones as well as cryptocurrencies and precious metals.
  • Premium Exchange Rates: The currency rates are sourced from reliable providers and updated every minute for accuracy.
  • Styling and Rounding: Users can easily configure the currency menu styling and button placement. They can also choose the currency rounding style that autmoatically rounds prices in the display currency.
  • Multiple Payments and Tax Configuration: The app can accurately convert in multiple payment and tax configurations.
  • Automatic Switching:Using the IP location, the app automatically switches between customers' home or guest currency.
  • Multiple Merchants: The app supports multiple merchants system, so prices in different currencies can be downloaded from each different merchant.
  • Flexible Configuration: Users can easily configure the app settings through a comprehensive user-friendly interface in the dashboard.
  • Ready for International Markets: The app is compatible with Shopify's most used markets, so users can start making sales right away.
  • Real-Time Support: The app provides real-time customer support with potential questions.


Currency Converter Plus offers users a single pricing package of $9.99/month and a 30-day free trial. This package is an UNLIMITED plan that allows users to convert and display an unlimited number of currencies on their store. The app is supported by real-time customer support and it allows users to fully configure the currencies, style, and tax depending on their needs. The app also comes with a money-back guarantee for any unmet expectations.