Simplify private communication with customers using Contact Form Master. No coding required. Easy installation and management of contact forms.

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Contact form Master

Contact form Master

Stylish contact us / contact form widget with tones of feature


Contact Form Master is an app that can be installed on any Shopify store to increase customer interaction and sales. It provides a simple and user-friendly contact us platform to customers for private communication with your store. Contact Form Master is designed and developed with customer experience in mind, requiring no coding, making it extremely easy to install and manage contact forms in a matter of clicks.


  • Preview Forms while creating: This is an extremely useful feature as it allows store owners to preview contact us forms while they are being created in the backend. This ensures that the forms are created according to the store's needs and are seamlessly integrated across the store.
  • Add Multiple Forms: Store owners are able to add multiple forms in different pages, ensuring a diverse range of options for customers to contact the store.
  • File Upload Option: This feature allows customers to upload files to the contact us form, such as images, documents, etc. This provides a great level of convenience to customers while submitting queries or feedback.
  • Customize Fonts, Font Sizes, Colors, etc.: Store owners are able to customize the fonts, font sizes, colors, etc. of the contact us form to match the store's style. This ensures a consistent experience throughout the store.
  • Absolutely No Coding Needed: One of the main advantages of Contact Form Master is that it requires no coding whatsoever. This makes it extremely easy to install and manage contact forms on the store.
  • Easy 1-Click install: Store owners can easily install Contact Form Master on any page with just one click.
  • Automatic Response: Another useful feature is that the app can automatically reply to customers when they submit a query or feedback. This eliminates the need to manually respond to each customer.
  • Customizable Template: Store owners can create a custom template tailored to their specific store. This ensures the contact us form is according to the store's requirements.
  • Customizable fields: Store owners are able to customize the fields in the contact us form, such as adding a drop-down list, adding a specific message field, etc.
  • Integration with other apps: Contact Form Master also integrates with other apps such as MailChimp, allowing store owners to automatically adjust their marketing strategy according to the customer's queries and feedback.


Contact Form Master comes with a free plan, as well as a 7-day free trial. The free plan has limited features which are suitable for smaller stores. For larger stores, there are three paid plans: Starter, Basic, and Premium. The Starter plan is free and has limited features, while the Basic and Premium plans cost $3.99 and $8.99 per month respectively. All paid plans have unlimited forms, as well as advanced features such as automatic response, customizable template, and integration with other apps.