Maximize your eBay Australia sales with eBay LINK. Sync inventory, optimize listings, and manage orders efficiently for businesses of all sizes.

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Increase sales, list all your products on eBay Australia


eBay LINK is the perfect app for merchants who want to maximize their sales on eBay Australia. This app has all the features and tools needed to create and optimise product listings, sync inventory, and send orders back to Shopify for fulfilment. The app is suitable for businesses of all sizes, from those selling single products to those selling over 50,000. The inventory sync feature means you're never in danger of overselling and the scalable enterprise level architecture ensures peak sales loads are easily managed.


  • Simplified Dashboard: eBay LINK provides users with a simple to use one-stop dashboard to review and optimise all of their activity on eBay.
  • Create Listings Easily: With this app, merchants will be able to easily create product listings tailored specifically for eBay.
  • Inventory Sync: eBay LINK makes it easy to ensure accurate tracking of inventory so you can always be reassured that your stock levels are correct.
  • Push Orders:The app makes it easy to send orders back to Shopify for processing and fulfilment.
  • Pricing Manager: Easily manage pricing, shipping and product content with eBay LINK's pricing manager.
  • Scalable Architecture: Enjoy the assurance of eBay LINK's scalable enterprise level architecture which easily handles peak sales loads.
  • Automated Listing: Quickly list multiple items on eBay at once with automated listing.
  • Multi Marketplace: Easily sync products to other eBay marketplaces around the world.
  • Multi Language: Manage products in multiple languages and offer a consistent customer experience.
  • Notifications: Keep track of sales and activity with automated notifications.


eBay LINK is a paid app with a monthly subscription fee of $19.95/month. There is also a free 30-day trial to allow merchants to sample the app before committing. Additionally, if merchants want to use some of the more advanced features of the app, there may be additional charges applicable.