Chargeflow Dispute Chargebacks: Your ultimate chargeback management solution for Shopify. Automate, recover, and prevent chargebacks with ease. Analyze with ChargeScore AI. Try it for free.

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Chargeflow Dispute Chargebacks

Chargeflow Dispute Chargebacks

Automate Chargebacks, Fight Fraud Prevention, Order Protection


Chargeflow Dispute Chargebacks is a unique and powerful chargebacks management solution designed specifically for Shopify merchants. With this app, merchants can automate, recover and prevent chargebacks for their business with amazing ease. The centralised dashboard also helps merchants to analyse chargebacks from multiple payment providers with the help of ChargeScore AI. Chargeflow app supports merchants in lowering their chargeback rate and also providing a 100% success-based pricing with a win-rate that is guaranteed to be the highest in the industry. The app is free to install, while there are additional charges that may apply which involve a success fee of 25% for each recovered dispute.


  • Automated Chargeback Fighting: Chargeflow takes the tedious work of fighting chargebacks and makes it hands-off so merchants can focus on their core business operations.
  • Success Fee Based Pricing Model: The app works on a success fee based pricing model which means merchants are charged only for the successfully recovered chargebacks.
  • Centralised Dashboard: Chargeflow provides merchants with a centralised dashboard to easily analyse chargebacks from multiple payment providers in one place.
  • ChargeScore AI: Prediction of the likelihood of recovering open disputes is made easy with the help of the ChargeScore AI.
  • Chargeflow Prevent: Mercahnts are supported in deflecting chargebacks and lower their chargeback rate with Chargeflow Prevent.
  • Build Evidence with ChargeResponse: Chargeflow helps merchants build evidence for chargebacks by using ChargeResponse, their tried-and-tested evidence builder, which is based on millions of data points processed by Artificial Intelligence.
  • Notifications of All Changes: Merchants are notified in real-time whenever there is a chargeback, dispute or refund and also receive follow-up notifications.
  • Fraud Prevention: Chargeflow helps merchants reduce the chargeback risk with its powerful fraud prevention tools.
  • Powerful Chargeback Analysis and Reporting: Merchants can analyse the chargebacks and produce powerful reports USUALLY to get a better understanding of their chargeback trends.
  • Integration with Multiple Payment Gateways: The app seamlessly integrates with multiple payment gateways and is also capable of handling complex payments.


Chargeflow Dispute Chargebacks App for Shopify is free to install. However, additional charges may apply depending on the usage. A success fee of 25% will be applicable for each recovered dispute. This approach is beneficial for merchants as the charges are only applied on the successful dispute cases only.