List, edit, manage, and sell products seamlessly on Walmart Canada with enhanced SEO, order management, currency conversion, and dedicated support.

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Walmart Canada Integration

Walmart Canada Integration

A comprehensive app to simplify selling on Walmart Canada.


If you’re looking for a seamless solution to list, edit, manage and sell products, inventory and orders on Walmart Canada, then Walmart Canada Integration is the perfect app for you. It is a one-stop solution that helps you to build an effective listing strategy in order to maximize visibility and sales. With this integration, you get features like enhanced SEO-friendly product listings and product listing optimization. You can also simplify the order management process and avail features like CVS import and export, which helps to perform bulk operations on products. Plus, you can get even avail the updated features to enable force order creation, map inventory location and offer promotional prices on desired products to offer discounts. With the Currency Converter feature, you can also convert product prices from USD to CAD and vice versa. Finally, you also get a dedicated team of developers, business analysts and account managers to provide constant support and help.


  • Product Listing Optimization: With this integration, you can create enhanced SEO-friendly product listings to maximize visibility and sales.
  • Order Management: Simplify the order management process and leverage the CVS import and export feature, which helps to perform bulk operations on products.
  • Cross-Border Shipping: Avail the SWW program to enable cross-border shipping from Walmart US sellers to sell across Walmart Canada.
  • Force Order Creation: Enable force order creation feature, so that you can fetch orders for SKUs not created on Shopify.
  • Inventory Location Mapping: Map inventory location and fetch items from any specified location with ease.
  • Promotional Pricing: Apply promotional pricing to desired product prices to offer discounts.
  • Low-Stock Alerts: Synchronize inventory details and get inventory alert when any item reaches its low-stock threshold.
  • Currency Converter: Convert product prices from USD to CAD and vice versa with the Currency Converter feature.
  • Dedicated Support: Unparalleled constant support from a dedicated team of developers, business analysts, and Account Managers.
  • Easy Setup: The setup process is straightforward and requires little effort.


Walmart Canada Integration is available in three subscription options – Basic ($59/month), Standard ($79/month), and Premium ($99/month). You can also avail a 7-day free trial in case you wish to explore the features before you decide to subscribe.