Streamline your Shopify to Amazon selling process with the comprehensive Amazon by CedCommerce App. Manage inventory, orders, and listings efficiently, and boost your online business.

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Amazon by CedCommerce

Amazon by CedCommerce

Selling on Amazon becomes easy with the Amazon sales channel


The Amazon by CedCommerce App is an easy-to-use and comprehensive platform designed to make the process of selling on the Amazon marketplace from your Shopify store painless and straightforward. The app is feature-packed and provides powerful tools to help you to efficiently manage your inventory, inventory tracking, listings, order management and product selection. With the app you can quickly and seamlessly link existing products between Shopify and Amazon, get notifications of failed orders, and easily manage orders, products, categories and prices.


  • Support for All Amazon Product Categories: The Amazon by CedCommerce App offers support for all Amazon product categories, including Amazon Handmade.
  • Superb Order & Shipment Management: The app provides an intuitive and user-friendly interface, allowing you to easily manage all orders and shipments from your Shopify store to the Amazon marketplace. It also features notifications of failed orders to allow you to quickly address any issues.
  • Custom Source Identifier & Custom Tags: You can set custom source identifiers when creating orders and you can also add custom tags to orders. This allows for enhanced order tracking and also makes it easy for you to identify and categorize orders as needed.
  • Link Existing Products: The app allows you to quickly and easily link existing products between Shopify and Amazon, based on their SKU, Barcodes and Titles. This ensures the correct items are listed in Amazon and tracked in Shopify.
  • Connect Multiple Accounts: You can easily connect multiple Amazon accounts as long as they all share the same country. This ensures that you always work with the same country-specific marketplaces and you can quickly switch between them without having to sign out.
  • Product Pricing & Promotions: The app provides an easy-to-use tool to set product pricing and custom promotions as per the Amazon marketplace. This allows you to easily adjust prices and offers to remain competitive and promotes better customer experiences.
  • Categories: You can easily manage product categories in the app, ensuring that your products are listed in the right categories and subcategories on the Amazon marketplace.
  • Fulfillment Model: With the Amazon by CedCommerce App, you can easily specify the right fulfillment model for your products. You can choose between Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) or Merchant Fulfilled Network (MFN) and you can also switch between them quickly.
  • Inventory Tracking: The app also allows you to easily track your inventory levels, allowing you to avoid overselling or stockouts.
  • Synchronize Shopify & Amazon Listings: The app also allows you to easily synchronize Shopify and Amazon listings. This ensures that your products are always up-to-date and allows you to reach 200+ million unique visitors per month who are shopping on the Amazon marketplace.


The Amazon by CedCommerce App provides a free plan, as well as four paid plans that are tailored to each seller’s needs, offering different features and different price points. FREE Plan: This is the free plan and it will provide basic support. BEGINNER Plan: This plan is available for $15/month and it provides additional support, product and order visibility, and access to advanced fulfillment options. STARTUP Plan: This plan is available for $49/month and it provides comprehensive support and extended services including order management and advanced inventory rules. SCALE Plan: This plan is available for $89/month and it provides enhanced support and extended services including automated listing rules, powerful inventory control and pricing optimization. ELITE Plan: This plan is available for $159/month and it provides the greatest level of support and extended services including automated pricing rules, custom order tags, and proactive support.