Drive urgency with Stock Countdown Timer Bar. Create scarcity and social proof in seconds. No coding needed.

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Stock Countdown Timer Bar

Stock Countdown Timer Bar

Create urgency & scarcity with stock countdown timer bar app


Stock Countdown Timer Bar is an innovative app for Shopify owners that is designed to help boost sales with the application of urgency techniques. The app is a simple yet effective one that enables shop owners to turn on/off the countdown timer on any product page in just about 30 seconds. This helps to turn up the heat with customers in a given period, and encourages users to buy within the limited time.The app offers an all-new way to acquire more sales with its powerful but straightforward features. With the help of the app, it is possible to create social proof, establish scarcity, and convey a sense of urgency. Without needing to write codes or even spending a penny, retailers can easily customize the stock ticker's look and feel to perfectly match or complement their store.


  • Turn on/off Countdown Timer: This feature offers shop owners the flexibility to turn the countdown timer on/off any product page as per their requirement and convenience.
  • Fully Customizable Look: This Stock Countdown Timer Bar app allows the shop owners to customize the look and feel of the stock bar to align with their store. This helps to convey the desired message to the customers.
  • Boosts Buying Motivation: The app also helps to boost buying motivation with its powerful countdown tool. It encourages the customers to buy certain items within a limited time. It further helps to make the customers take the desired action easily.
  • Create Urgency: This app can be used to create urgency for visitors by displaying the available product count through a countdown timer effect.
  • Establishes Social Proof: It helps shop owners to create a sense of social proof so that customers get encouraged to make the purchase within the set time period.
  • Supports Multiple Languages: This Stock Countdown Timer Bar app helps shop owners to reach more customers by supporting multiple languages, assisting the global shop owners in grabbing the attention of the customers anywhere around the world.
  • Supports All Shopify Themes: This app auto-adapts to all Shopify themes without creating any issue while displaying the countdown bar.
  • Fully Responsive Design: The app has a fully responsive design, which makes it compatible with almost any device. This increases its practicality and helps serve a larger customer base through any device they are connected to.


The Stock Countdown Timer Bar is available for free.