Connect your Amazon FBA/MCF to Shopify with ease, ensuring global reach and efficient fulfillment with the Amazon FBA/MCF Shipping app. Streamline your e-commerce operations today.

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Amazon FBA / MCF Shipping

Amazon FBA / MCF Shipping

Amazon FBA & MCF shipping and real time rates worldwide


Amazon FBA / MCF Shipping is an app specifically designed to connect Amazon sellers with their Shopify buyers. With this app, merchants can easily integrate their multiple Amazon FBA and/or MCF accounts with their Shopify store so they can make their shop globally accessible. Features include automatic multi-channel FBA fulfillment, inventory and price synchronization from Amazon accounts to Shopify, Amazon rate name mapping, and more. Additionally, virtual bundles are supported with the app, so merchants can create custom packaging for their products. Amazon FBA / MCF Shipping offers great flexibility for businesses that need to quickly ship products to their customers across the globe, making it easy to do online business.


  • Amazon Blank Box Program: The Amazon Blank Box Program enables merchants to have their products shipped in an unbranded box from an Amazon warehouse directly to their customers.
  • Exclude Amazon Logistics: Selectively exclude Amazon Logistics from the fulfillment process to keep costs down and improve overall shipping efficiency.
  • Virtual Bundles: Easily set up virtual bundles with the app, so merchants can create custom packaging for their products.
  • Inventory and Price Sync: Synchronize inventory and prices across Amazon accounts and Shopify stores automatically so merchants can provide their customers with the latest information on their products.
  • Amazon Rate Name Mapping: With this feature, merchants can map their rate names to make it easier for customers to find their preferred shipping method.
  • One-Click Integration: Connect all of your US & non-US Amazon FBA accounts to your Shopify store with just one click.
  • Automated Fulfillment: Automate your worldwide FBA/MCF fulfillment process with no work on your part.
  • Easy Fulfillment Switch: Intelligently switch FBA accounts according to the customer's shipping address, so the most cost-efficient option is automatically selected whenever a new order comes in.
  • Simple Installation: Setting up the Amazon FBA/MCF Shipping app is easy, and there's no coding necessary.
  • Accurate Shipping Rates: Easily calculate accurate real-time shipping rates for your customers in the US and abroad.


The Amazon FBA / MCF Shipping app is priced at $35/month. A 7-day free trial is available and additional charges may apply. Extra features such as Virtual Bundle Support ($1/month), Inventory Sync ($10/month), and Rate Name Mapping ($5/month) are available and can be added to the monthly cost.