Reward customer loyalty and referrals with BON Loyalty Rewards Referrals. Offer 18 ways to earn rewards, customize branding and VIP tiers, and use preferred languages for a standout rewards program.

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BON Loyalty Rewards Referrals

BON Loyalty Rewards Referrals

Loyalty program app (point, referral, VIP & rewards program)


BON Loyalty Rewards Referrals is an app that enables anyone running a Shopify store to reward customers for loyalty, referrals and other interactions, making it the perfect ‘give-back-to-customers’ tool. This feature-packed app provides customers with 18 ways to earn rewards and gain perks, as well as the option to use their preferred language on the rewards page. It also allows Shopify store owners to customize their rewards program branding and VIP tiers to really stand out from the crowd.


  • Reward System: Reward your customers with special points and rewards via different methods like orders, newsletters, birthdays, and accounts. You can also offer rewards to customers via social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and more.
  • Referral Program: Your customers can refer their friends to your store to get rewards, allowing you to gain new customers and organic traffic.
  • Customizable VIP Tiers: Create exclusive rewards and treatments for your loyal customers in order to thank them for their loyalty and encourage them to keep coming back to your store.
  • Language Support - BON Loyalty Rewards Referrals supports over 250 widget-displayed languages so you can easily approach customers from all over the world.
  • Shopify POS Integration - Enables Shopify point-of-sale owners to effortlessly create incentives and discounts for customers.
  • User-Friendly Experience - The app provides numerous options and customizations so you can create an intuitive design that suits your wants and goals.
  • Branding Solutions - Transform your program’s standard look with special branding.
  • Activity Log - Lets you view a log of all your customers’ loyalty activity, so you can keep track of it.
  • Marketing Optimization - Optimize your loyalty program’s performance with detailed reports and insights.
  • Seamless Integration - Quick and easy integration with Shopify checkout and Shopify API to ensure processes are running smoothly.


BON Loyalty Rewards Referrals offers a free plan which is perfect to test out the features and functionalities of the app, as well as a 3-day free trial for the other plans. There are three payment plans available: the Lite plan for $15/month, the Growth plan for $99/month, and the Professional plan for $349/month. Additional charges may apply for additional services and features.